Thursday, November 15, 2012

Job Evaluation, Doctor's Appointment, Shopping Spree and Basketball

What do all those things have in common?

I had to do them all yesterday.  Plus a regular work day.  And add the usual housework stuff.  And feeding the dog.  It was 9:30pm before I sat down and flipped on the television.

Let's start at the beginning and I promise I'll make it short and snappy.

I got a letter in my box that it was time for my formal evaluation.  "Please schedule a time to meet with the Director"  Good.  I've been wanting to meet with her and was thinking I'd do it after the holidays.  But now this gives me the nudge I need to get it over and done with.  So I emailed her and we decided 2pm in her office.  And so we met.  I told her I was dissatisfied with my job.  I told her that I had the skills and experience to do so much more and I felt like I was not being utilized to the best of my abilities and talent.  I also told her that although I had made no formal plans I was thinking of seeing what else was out there for me.  I felt good about our meeting and felt even better getting all of that off my shoulders.  She gave me some advise on how to handle certain situations.  I'm not sure I'll follow her advise.

I did show up at work today on time.

After work I had a doctor's appointment to discuss the reaction I've had since being on lisinopril.  I was nervous!  I decided I'd just throw myself on the mercy of the court and the nurse.  :)  I confessed that the I stopped the medication 3 weeks ago.  I confessed that I felt miserable while on it and that I feel so much better now.  Then I had to weigh.  OH MY GOSH why oh why do they weigh you and THEN take your blood pressure.  Like 5 seconds later?  (I was asking this of my hair stylist today and she said it should be like the DMV.  Just ask, "How much do you weigh?" And let the patient give you a range  We got a good laugh from that.)  To my shock and surprise I was down 8 pounds.  EIGHT!  Are you kidding?  WOOP WOOP  Then she took my bp.  I tried to take deep breaths.  What was that zen thing?  Why didn't I do some yoga before I came?  Does holding your breath help?  All these ran through my mind.  But I knew it was what it was.  I shouldn't have to do all that to have a normal range pressure  I also knew that I had been super busy at work, rushed home, rushed around the house, rushed to get to the appointment on time.  I didn't sit in the waiting room even 5 minutes before they called me back.  So I was prepared for a disapproving look from the .......... what?  Wait, what did you say my bp is?  144/78  WHAT?  I heard the marching band.  YIPPEE.  I knew I felt great.  I knew it.
Okay okay maybe the lisinopril is still in my system keeping it down......... is it?  It's been almost a month.  I left the appointment feeling happy, happy, happy.  I had a Rx for some lotion to help with the itching, a refill for my migraine medication that I really never use but when you need it, you need it.  And NO lisinopril.  He said there was no reason to continue it.  Return in 3 months for a recheck.  Well, thank you Doc.  I sure will.

The rest of my evening went like this;

Return home.
Pick up Dancer Girl.
Drop her off at Fencing.
Zip into the mall and buy some new lipgloss, under eye corrector and eyeshadow.  Look at shoes.  Don't buy any.  Look at handbags.  Don't buy any.
Go to car.  Call and order pizza.
Pick up Dancer Girl from Fencing.
Drive and pick up pizza
Eat pizza at home
Change clothes
Take Dancer Girl to the Championship Basketball Game for her school.  She is on the yearbook staff and was required to take photos.  We ended up watching the whole game.  Guess what the score was?
8 to 7.  HAHAHA  Neither team could make a basket.  All the points were from foul shots.  Dancer Girl's School Team came out the winner.  So, that was fun.
Drive Home.
Walk to the bedroom.  Put on soft pajamas.  Sit down.  Stare at the television.  Daydream of next week.

I'm tired.

Just a quick update:  Today is day #3 of my Revlon Gel Polish experiment.   The color is chipping just a little bit.

Off to cook some supper.  Toodles.

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