Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be strong and courageous

Yesterday I was tired.  All day.  I know part of it is the weather.  It's been cold and overcast and gloomy for a week.  Lack of sunshine definitely has an effect on my energy and disposition.  Ironman worked from home yesterday which meant I had to dance around him.  All in all it was a get nothing done day.

I did manage to eat clean.

I had the quinoa bake for breakfast.  Delicious.  Although I kept thinking that maybe adding just a pinch of salt would bring out the flavor.  Next time.  Adding the dollop of almond butter while it was still warm……. oh my.  Delicious.   The menu suggested the brown rice chia seed bowl but I saw that it had to "soak" for an hour or more and I just didn't want to wait an hour.  It's crazy how changing one thing plays on my thinking.  Stinking thinking.  I heard it.  "It's not going to work if you change the order."  'See?  Getting tired of it, aren't you"  But I managed to remember what the Lord told Joshua.

"Be strong and courageous'

Yes, it takes courage to continue.  It's a risk.  What if this eating plan doesn't improve my health?  What if my numbers don't improve.  And scary still, what if I DON'T LOSE ANY WEIGHT?


For lunch I had the sun dried tomato turkey burger and kale salad.  I was feeling hungry so I decided to add the salad to my turkey patty.  Okay.  Kale.  I've NEVER HAD IT BEFORE.  Delicous!  I know it's the thang nowadays.  But I've never bought any.  I wasn't sure how it would taste.  And I hate to buy something when I"m that unsure and then feel as if I wasted money.  I followed the directions exactly.  Let it sit and rest in the lemon juice and garlic, etc.  Ironman and I split it and ate the entire huge bowl!  Definitely a keeper.  

By late afternoon I was tired.  I felt just worn out.  Once again I prepared 2 suppers.  I need to change that.  I need to figure out how to cook one meal that everyone will eat.  Dancer Girl doesn't like anything "new" and I hate that she just skips supper.  Or she grabs a pack of crackers.  *Speaking of that, I found a recipe online for goldfish crackers.  I even ordered a tiny gold fish shaped cookie cutter!  Yes, the recipe contains white flour and cheddar cheese but it's GOT to be better than all the chemicals in the pepperidge farm variety.  We'll see.

I had the chicken.  Blah.  It was okay.  I think I was just tired.  I cooked double chicken so that I cut chop up half of it and add it to fettuccine for the other people.  Oh, and I made the corn tortilla chips which are delicious.  I've made them before.  They are in Pam Anderson's cookbook "The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight"  This time, however, I did not eat ONE.  not even a taste. 

Then I went to bed.  Yep.  8:30.  I was sound asleep.  And slept all night.  I'm not a sleeper, so to sleep for HOURS uninterrupted is amazing.  

Plan for today:
Quiet Time with my Bible and Jesus
Clean up around here.
Wrap a few gifts
Make a list and hit Kroger for the food needed 

To totally change the subject - Christmas Cards

Yesterday my children received Christmas Cards from my MIL.  For years MIL was faithful with the cards.  She would underline words that hallmark had written and my children would "compete' to see who got the most.  It became a running sentimental contest.  Yesterday around 4pm my 22 year old Engineer son texted me 

"I got a Christmas Card from Meme and no underlines.  Did I do something wrong"


When Dancer Girl got home from school she opened her card and the very first thing she said was, "What?  No underlines?"

I was surprised (and sad) that they were so disappointed.  

Then Ironman came in and told us that MeMe didn't do her own Christmas Cards.  That my SIL had done them for her.  Wow.  I was…………. she meant well, I guess.  But if you do somebody else's personal stuff…….. you need to keep it personal!  

Lesson:  Help keep things personal.  That is all

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