Sunday, December 8, 2013

Daniel Detox Day 2. And 3.

I admit it.

I was TOO WORN OUT to blog yesterday about Day 2.  Between the weather and college football and cooking - so much cooking - I just couldn't do it.  In fact, I was in the bed by 9pm and asleep by 9:05pm.

Let me just tell you, the recipes were DELICIOUS.  Who knew quinoa was so so good if you add just a little sprinkling of cinnamon as it cooks.  Made all the difference.  and the beef stew?  AACK!  Loved it.   The recipe calls for it to be cooked in a slow cooker which I don't have.  So I got out my Paula Deen Old Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe (delicious).  Followed her directions but used the Daniel Plan ingredients.  Success.  I had to let it simmer on the stove from 3pm until close to 6pm.

Because the food tastes so good, I haven't felt deprived  But the Daniel Plan is more than just FOOD.  It's everything rolled into one.  Although I skipped to the eating plan, I didn't skip the whole book.  I'm reading the first chapter and before I knew it I was wanting to highlight every single sentence!

Thank you, Jesus, for caring about my health.

Now to day 3.

I discovered I do NOT like coconut milk.  I followed the recipe for blueberry/spinach smoothie when we got home from church.  I halved everything since it made 2 servings.  But I did not half the crushed ice.  I wanted it like a slushy so I put a cup of crushed ice.  If I had used almond milk I'm sure I would have loved it.  But the coconut milk - well, at least I tried.

But I did discover edamame.  Uh….. where have you been all my life?  I've seen it.  It was a fad about a year ago.  I was unfamiliar about how to prepare it, eat it, etc.  So today was my first time.

On to day 4.

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  1. love edamame too. And kale. Almond milk is awful too, like of like coconut milk. It's funny the foods that have been around forever, but we grew up never hearing about them!