Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hey Hey Hey, Christmas is on her way!

I just cleaned out my refrigerator.  Actually managed to throw away MOST Of the leftovers and not shove them into my mouth.  Seriously, it was the most delicious Thanksgiving EVUH!
I can make a rockin' pecan pie.  Who knew?  Good thing it only comes around once a year.  Back to sensible eating for this girl.

On Black Friday, Dancer Girl and I wrapped gifts at Barnes and Noble.  It was a fundraiser for her Lacrosse team.  Gift wrapping was complimentary - since we are NOT professional wrappers of gifts.  We did have a tip jar and we actually got a few dollars in tips.  Woop!

When we returned, the other creatures had dragged out the outdoor decorations and were ……… yes.  They were proceeding to decorate our front yard.

I am not a control freak
I am not a control freak
I am not a control freak

It's just that I had this plan……..  in my head……. and I had decided and gathered things and……..

Breathe, Patti.

How bad can it be?  I mean, after all, it's Christmas.  What difference does it really make?  Gosh I had to swallow my pride.  Oh, how I hate that word.

I've kept it the way they "arranged" it for a week.  But honestly, I …….. would it be awful if I changed out the ribbon on the garland?  I mean, that ribbon is probably 2 years old.  It's outdated and faded and……. it has gold trip on it and there's NOTHING gold on our porch.  And I have these silver star thingies that I made……..so I'd like to just swap in out.

I confess.  I'm going to do it.  I already have the ribbon.  It'll look the same, just a different color ribbon.  ACK.

I'll post photos for you to see.

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