Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Then there was the curtain problem

We have recovered from the great flood.  So far no damage is noticeable, but we're not breathing easy yet.  Time will tell if any flooring is ruined.

Meanwhile there is this little thing called Thanksgiving.  My daughter is making her first trip home from college and I was in her room dusting, checking on towels, etc.  And oh, those curtains.  When we moved to this house, curtains were not at the top of the list.  Besides, we had the curtains from our former house and they would just have to do.  (I wish I had a photo of them ).  They were fine except for one thing.  They were about 16 inches TOO SHORT.   The french doors in her room lead to the balcony.  I've been meaning to either replace those curtains or…… I've just been meaning to get to them.  Finally it was time.  Dum Dum Duhhhh

I took the curtains down, found another set of panels that I had in the attic, and decided to do a little magic  FREE magic.   And that is the best magic.

 The greenish/blue panel with the grommet top has been folded for a looonnngg time.  I'm not a grommet top fan which is why I didn't want to hang these in my new house.  The beige panel has been hanging in my daughter's room for a couple of years way too long.  

 The good news was the panels were already hemmed and I knew I was going to take advantage of that!  So I measured them twice and cut once.  There's no turning back now.

 The panels were also hemmed down the sides, which was perfect because the sides were going to become the bottom soon enough.

 I lined them up this way because I was considering making double or maybe a triple layer ruffle.  Changed my mind, though.  Maybe for another room.  (These aren't sewn together.  I just cut them and laid them for "show".  Just to see how it would look.

Now for the fun part.  I just sewed two straight stitches.  One parallel to the other.  Pulled up the bobbin thread to create an even ruffle.

 Pinned right sides together.  Yes, I use a lot of pins.  

 Sewed a straight stitch removing pins as I went along.

  New window treatment. 

Easy, quick solution for those too short panels.  And the best part is they were FREE.  Now on to the next room.

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