Friday, November 1, 2013

Packing Up Halloween 2013

I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I love to pack.  I love to gather, sort, purge, arrange, label and pack.  I go into some sort of zen state or something.  It happened this morning.  I woke up feeling giddy that today was packing up day.  WOOP!

I chronicled my method for your enjoyment.
I knew that before I could even start, it was time for new labels.  So I found some cute designs online and printed them on tagboard.  I planned to laminate them but I prefer to cut them out first, them laminate.  Mostly because when I was a teacher often times if I just laminated the whole sheet and THEM cut them apart, the laminate film would peel.  Yuck.  Nobody likes that.  So print and cut.  That's how I roll.

 Slid them through my handy dandy laminate machine.  Did I NEED a laminator when I saw it at Target on sale?  No, I didn't NEED one.  But now that i have one it's so thrilling to laminate.

 Next, I gathered all the inside halloween decor.  I also took the wreath off the front door.  I have a flag and some other little lawn decor but I left them outside to dry.  We got a LOT of rain overnight.  So I'm leaving them in the sun to dry.  Besides, outdoor decor goes in a completely different storage area of my attic.  I decided to concentrate on the inside stuff.

 Here's most of it.  I walked from room to room and filled an empty tub.  I carried this load upstairs to my daughter's bedroom because it's right by the attic.  Just made sense to me doing it up there.

Ahhh  Here comes my favorite part.  Well, the first of my favorite parts of packing

 SORTING!  Oh, how I love it.  I made areas on the floor:  breakables, oversized items, artsy/crafty items (except for ribbon which goes back in the craft room).  I also gathered the laminated labels, tape, sharpie and bubble wrap.  And my camera to chronicle it all.  YIPPEE!!!  Crazy how exciting!

I almost forgot another stack:  Things I that no longer light up or flash and need to be purged.  Things that I can pass on to a family with younger kids.   And things that I can donate.  I mean honestly, how much Halloween decor does one family need?

I also pulled out the empty tubs from the attic.  I failed to take a photo of all my empty tubs.  First excuse:  I'm also doing a lot of laundry today as my dryer was kaput for 5 days.  Have you ever gone 5 days without doing laundry?  Catching up it going to take me all weekend.  Also, I was trying to avoid the "Perfect Patti" bully that sits on my shoulder because the lids on these tubs are springtime colors.  I don't have orange and black colored lids.  No, it doesn't matter in the long run.  See?  I'm learning.

Back to packing.

 I taped the label on the inside of the tub.
 You can see it from the other side.  Always use clear or translucent tubs.  With cute lids.
 A peek inside my breakables tub.  I don't stack things.  And I store them standing up instead of laying down as I understand they are stronger when standing.

Next tub:  anything electronic.  I remove any batteries.

Next tub:  Flat things.  Empty treat tubs, extra party paper ware, left over treat bags, etc.
 I managed to pack everything into 3 tubs.
 I saved this empty tub for the autumn decor.  You know, the pumpkins that more seasonal than Halloween.  Turkeys, pilgrims, etc.
These wreaths/door decor items were too large to store flat.  So I slid them to the corner and the next time I'm at Target/Home Depot/Lowes/Brookshires I'm going to be on the look out for over sized shallow wreath tub thingies.

I'll meet you at The Container Store!

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