Thursday, October 31, 2013


You're not going to believe the week I've had.  Where do I even begin?

Saturday morning I realized my dryer wasn't heating.  Loverly.  I counted the minutes until Monday morning when I could call an appliance repairman.  As the pile of dirty towels, socks, shirts, jeans, sheets and underwear grew, I waited for the dryer guy to show up.  And he did.  Because nothing is easy, our dryer is apparently "exotic" and he would have to order the heating element replacement.   The replacement arrived and was installed on Wednesday.  We were in business!  I may or may not have done a happy dance when he left.  Skipping 6 days of laundry?  STINKY!

I'm thankful it could be repaired and that we could afford to have it fixed.

Monday afternoon I took Dancer Girl to her orthodontic appointment.  She needs a new and improved retainer with bands.  I've never even heard of that.  But it's better than putting the braces right back on!  Once again, nothing is easy.  The top retainer did not fit.  After much apologies, the tech had to make a second impression and we scheduled another appointment.

I'm thankful that her teeth are beautiful and that we managed to pay for the much needed braces.

Our gas fireplace isn't working.  The repairman just called.  He's on his way!  Just in time for a cold front that is supposed to pass through tonight.

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