Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Color-Helper Pro

I can not WAIT to show you my new toy.   

Ladies and Gents, introducing my new color wizard.  Officially called Color-Helper Pro.  I first saw it on the Discovery Channel show Cool Tools.  And oh yes, I thought it was super cool.  Here's how it works.  

Push the little black button to turn it on.

          Color Helper Pro

Press the bottom against the painted surface and.............. 

 like magic it will identify the color by name and manufacturer!

I pressed my new little friend against the wall in my master bedroom.  When we bought this house the former owners did not provide us paint information.  
Ironman enjoys painting.
So I needed to know the exact color!

If the photo were better, you could see that the color-helper pro identified the paint on my master bedroom walls as
Sherwin Williams Morning Fog #6255

Aren't paint names fun? 
Nail Polish Names are fun, too.

So now I know the official paint color.

That's when I made a glorious discovery.  Have you been to www.sherwin-williams.com lately?
They have a new magic page on their website called Chip It.  It's similar (in a way) to Pinterest.  
Upload a photo.  Or download a photo from the web.  You can identify up to 4 colors in the photo by using Chip It.  

Ironman and I had new wood flooring installed in our master bedroom.  And with new flooring MUST come new bedding.  (It's the law, isn't it???)  I'm teaching myself interior decorating trick with color, pattern, texture and shine.  So Chip It will be invaluable to me.  Thank you, Mrs. Sherwin Williams.
It's so, so nice to meet you.

Colonoscopy Countdown:  6 days to go!  

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