Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stories From My Closet

Well, it happened.

Ironman and I decided top pull up the carpet in the master bedroom and the closet.  The Carpet Fairies could not save it.   The workers arrived Monday.  Which meant that Sunday afternoon was spending removing everything from both areas.  It was then and there that I decided out of embarrassment determination that the closet situation has got to be addressed.  

No!  I did not take a photo of the before.   Besides, there was no time.  Once Ironman decides to  tackle a task he is like the Tazmanian Devil!

Closet cleared.  Furniture taken apart and moved out.   Well, hello dust bunnies!

After a long day of sitting around (for me) and working (for the floor guys) the room was complete.

And here is the closet.  A few of the hanging items on the bottom rack were hung there right before I took the photo.  We had to move everything on the bottom OUT.

I didn't want to move everything back in.  Now was the time.  It had come.  
Sort.  Purge.  Return to it's rightful home.  

See these magazines?  

They are now living in their new home.  And the basket is.....

 ....on the closet floor holding my flip flops.  I really dislike flip flops.  And yet I have enough of them to fill this basket.  My life is a series of curious habits.
 These shoes - oh the places they've gone.  But they didn't make the cut.  To Goodwill they go.  Just makes room for new shoes!
 Here's how it's looking.   I know everything that is in the closet.  And everything in this closet fits.  That in itself it worth the effort.

So...... on to the bedroom.  
 Wow  I think I'll have to have help.  

So I'll take these things to Goodwill.  

There's the dress I bought online that is some kind of odd fabric that makes you feel like you are being strangled or smothered.  
I only found one online fail.  I guess I'm getting better with returns.

There's the blue dress that I wore one time to a ladies' Bible Study.
No one spoke.
It was my first time there.
And it wasn't like there were hundreds of women in attendance!
I never wore that dress again.
Everything I saw it hanging in the closet I felt anxious.

There's the black taffeta dress I bought when I was dating Ironman.
I had lost a few pounds and easily slipped into the size 6.  
We spent the evening in New Orleans.
Maybe I should keep that one.
Even though it has those puffy 80s sleeves.

I did keep my going away dress
And I kept all my daughter's play dress up dresses
And I kept my son's graduation sashes
And the baby shoes

I should take more photos.  

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