Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mammogram and Colonoscopy

How's that for a title?

My annual mammogram was Thursday morning.  It was the first time I had it done it in our current city.  Although we moved 3 years ago, I continued to drive 2 hours back to our former neck of the woods for that yearly xray.

I feel more comfortable living here now.  So I decided it was just silly to drive all that way when I could have it done here.  So that's what I did!

People watching in the waiting room was so funny.  People are funny.  People are ridiculous!  And people will talk about ANYTHING!  Shhhh!  I really am not interested in listening to your conversation, thank you very much.

As you know, the procedure is so quick and easy.  I can think of many WORSE procedures.

Speaking of WORSE PROCEDURES I have one scheduled for next week.  Ironman has had 2.  This will be my first one.  I'm not looking forward to it.  Friends tell me the prep is the worst part.  The actual procedure is a piece of cake and that I won't remember a thing.  I hope they are right.

I'll tell you all about it!  Ha!  I told you people will discuss anything.

In the meantime... I've been in the crafting mood.  I've spent hours on pintrest pinning away.
That's when I saw this pin.   I LOVED it at first sight.
I could not get to Hobby Lobby fast enough to buy the few things I needed.  I actually already had the colored felt.  Here's the photo I pinned:

And here is the link for the tutorial:  Halloween Porch by Jen

You will find the step by step directions on that link.
Read through them.  And then read my tips.  Because I made that wreath this morning and I figured things out as I went along!

 I already had the black and white felt.  I bought the turquoise felt at Hobby Lobby.  I couldn't find orange felt, but I loved the bright orange polka dotted fleece.  It worked just fine.  I followed Jen's directions and wrapped the wreath form in the striped jersey.  By the way, I just used a straw wreath and kept the plastic on.  Pinned the fleece in place.  Easy peasy.

 I made a few rookie mistakes with the flowers.
1.  I tried to sew on the machine.  Nope.  Even with the longest stitch length it was still too short.  It's actually quicker and easier to do it by hand.
2.  Another mistake:  I did not stack the cut felt.  I tried to wrap it around and around and around.  That's how I did these turquoise flowers.  It's not horrible looking.... but the next ones I stacked the cut felt and it was much easier.
3.  I sewed the ends together with COAT AND JACKET thread.  That was the ticket.  The first flower I just used all purpose thread and it kept breaking.  It's not fun when your thread breaks and you have to begin all over again.  So choose the heaviest thread you have.

  I varied the length of the cut felt so the flowers were vary in size.  

This orange fabric is fleece.  I needed to cut it out with pinking shears as it was raveling pretty fierce
Also, I discovered that as long as the straight side is even, it's okay if the cut side doesn't match.  In fact, it made the results more interesting.  So don't fret about that.

 I placed them around the wreath form as I finished them.  

 Meet Martha Glue Gun!  She helped me glue the little circles in the center.  I did consider using contrasting colors for the circles but in the end I'm glad I used matching colors.

 Martha Glue Gun glued little buttons in the middle and I pinned, pinned, pinned.

And here's my front door!!  I love it!  Thanks, Jen, for the idea and the instructions.  

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