Sunday, October 20, 2013

Prep Day

Yes, it's prep day.  And I'm not talking about veggie prep like you do when you are preparing to create a salad masterpiece.  I"m talking about the Mother of all prep - colonoscopy screening prep.

My screening is in the morning.  Therefore, today is prep day.

I decided to blog minute by minute (or hour by hour at least) mostly for ME but also because I looked for other blogs from women doing this and really I didn't find much.  Okay, I didn't find anything.  I found lots and lots of medical blogs and stuff like that.  I have that from my own doctor.  I wanted the anecdotal version.

Do I have to do everybody's job?  Geez.

Day started at the usual time.  I had coffee.  (rules say I can have coffee.  Just no creamer, etc. which I don't like in my coffee anyway.  )

8:00am Ironman makes blueberry muffins.  Luckily he made them from a boxed mix.  Duncan Hines is good........ but easily passed up.  So didn't bother me.

I kept myself busy watching cooking shows.  (shhh!  I enjoy cooking shows.)  I read, talked, cleaned the kitchen, etc.  The Engineer was here this weekend so I went through the coat closet and tried to pawn a few jackets off on him so I'd have more room.  He took one. )

1:00pm Ironman orders pizza.  PIZZA!  Listen, it was fine.  In fact, I'm glad he ordered food instead of cooking food because the fragrance of something delicious in my oven would have made me a little anxious.  I like pizza as much as the next girl, but I can pass it up.  So once again, didn't bother me.

2:30 I settled in by myself to catch up on my DVR shows.  Dined on fine green jello.  Drank a big glass of water.  Then got a little sprite.  Yes, I still don't like sprite.  I test out my sprite hatred every 10 years or so.

3:00  First official move.  I took 2 dulcolax.  I did NOT chew them or CRUSH them.  The instructions are very very detailed.

It's now 4:10.  In 20 minutes I have to begin drinking the prep liquid.  The directions do say that I only have to drink HALF of the jug.  If I'm "clear" then I can stop.  If not clear,  I have to drink the rest.   Of course I'll let you know....... that's why I'm doing this!

I'm going to post this first part and then return to finish it.  I don't want it to get lost or something.... besides it makes it more suspenseful.

BTW, this morning at about 9am I mixed up the prep and put it in the refrigerator where it's waiting for me right now.

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