Friday, November 22, 2013

What's Up With this Weather?

I live in Louisiana.  It is not cold in November.  Many years it hasn't been cold until after Christmas!  Our chilliest weeks come in Jan-Feb-March.  Two years ago it never even got cold enough to wear a coat!  (And I had bought myself a new coat.  That's how I know.   It hung in the closet the entire winter)

So, what's up with the weather this weekend?  Today it rained.  All day.  Not thunder storming, just steady rain.  ALL DAY LONG!  But the temperature hovered between 65 and 65 1/2 all day long.  So the rain wasn't refreshing.  It was just wet.

I watched the local news.  Mr. Forecaster explained that the rain would continue off and on tomorrow, that by Sunday the temperature would drop below freezing and we'd have a mix of rain/sleet/freezing rain/snow.  Monday would be the coldest day.  He forecasted the high to be 35.  Now people, just so you know, I don't do cold.  I like it cold on Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day and that's it!

To add to the drama, I have bought NOTHING for Thanksgiving.  NOTHING.  Ironman is out of town and said more than once that we'd go on Sunday.  Time for Confession:  I don't want to go Sunday.  The weather is going to be ………. I just don't want to wait.  So I'm going to get up super early in the morning, grab everything I need at Kroger, grab some Krispy Kremes for the sleeping girl and get home in time for College Game Day!

 In other news:  I have my front porch Christmas Decor ready to go.  Just waiting for the rain to stop.
I have more than half of my Christmas Shopping Done.  And, SURPRISE, I've shopped at real stores.  Not online!

The family will begin trickling in Tuesday Evening.  So I'm cooking.  Oh yes, I'm cooking Tuesday.  I'm cooking Wednesday.  And I'm cooking Thursday.  Friday I'm calling for take out!


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