Thursday, November 21, 2013

The day I cleaned this house!

In preparation for a full house next week, I've been cleaning.  And organizing.  And checking for dust. Secret:  I love to vacuum so when I see dust it's like a REASON to vacuum.  Not that I need a reason.

So, where should I begin.  Let me show you my keeping room.  This is the room where everyone sits.  We have another room in the front of the house with comfy furniture, but this room is near the kitchen and you know how people are.  They gravitate to the kitchen!  The problem with this room is the weird walls.  One side is fireplace and built ins.  One side is shorter because it opens up to a hallway that is our main highway to the garage.  It's a keeping room, so it opens up to the kitchen.  Oh, let me just show you.

This is my keeping room.  Please ignore the items in the blue chair that are piled up.  I gathered things for another project I'm going to do tonight as I watch the best show on television Parenthood.  Whoop! But back to the room.  I guess you notice the picture on the wall.  Uh, yes.  Ironman offered to hang the montage I bought but that's as far as he got.  WEEKS ago.  We've been at a standoff since.  I haven't said anything.  He hasn't said anything.  If you look closely, you can see the other pictures leaning near the fireplace.

But bigger problem is the furniture arrangement.  Oh, how uncomfortable it is.

How many people can sit comfortably in this room and watch football?  TWO.  That's it.  The other sitters can not see the television without getting a neck ache.

So I was searching online today for help.  Please help me.  And I found this:  Thrifty Decor Chick
and her room arrangement.  Wow!  Just what I needed.

I got to work.  And here it is:

All I need is a console table behind the pottery barn couch.  And see my cute little tree?  I have a story to tell you about that, too!

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