Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Today was……..The Hunger Games!

Why am I so hungry today?  I think it's the cold gloomy weather.

For my quiet time today I read the story of Rehab the prostitute.  How Joshua's men told her that as long as she stayed inside her house, she'd be safe.  But venture out and she was in danger.  I'm no Bible Scholar.  But I thought about that all day.  I decided to stick close to Jesus today.  Grab onto his leg and cling for dear life like preschoolers do to Mom the first day of school.  I needed to be safe.  Out there………. in the gloomy cold world……. there are french fries, and frappucinos, and oreos!  And I don't even like chocolate!!!

For breakfast I had quinoa with a little cinnamon.  I'm realizing quinoa doesn't store well.  I had some leftover in the frig and although it was fine….. it just wasn't as delicious as freshly made.  Oh well.  I'm still glad I had it right ready!

I made a smoothie about 11:30 because I was so hungry but had errands to run.  Didn't want to have a food emergency.  Wow, that blueberry smoothie recipe?  With the almond butter and banana?  And pumpkin seeds?  YOWZA

Before I get back to what I ate….. I'm having problems finding herbal iced tea.  I don't really enjoy hot tea.  I looked at Kroger and World Market.  Ended up ordering online.  I just wait straight up tea because I live in the south and……. well, it's my drink of choice!

About 4pm I had a small bowl of bean soup - another excellent and easy recipe in The Daniel Plan book.

When Dancer Girl gets home from Driver's Ed I'm going to stir fry some veggies.  Throw in a few wild shrimp.  She has a wide variety to choose from for dinner as I have many, many tupperware bowls full of delicious leftovers!

Oh, get this.  I told her I was going to Kroger and "what would you like me to get for you".
"Really?  I haven't bought those in 15 years"
"I know, but I've been craving them"

So.  Have you read the ingredients on the back of the oreo package?  Wowza.  I couldn't bring myself to buy them.  So I came home and googled up a recipe.  Yes, there's sugar and butter and more sugar……. BUT it's gotta be better than chemicals and artificial stuff.  I'll post a photo when they're complete. And the taste test results - of which I won't be tasting.

Jesus, thank you for sticking close  to me today.  In my weakness, you are strong"


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  1. i'm love oreos! I love them, but rarely buy them. never thought of looking them up online to see the breakdown. Please let me know how they turn out. I'm sure they're just as bad for you being homemade, but I'd like to try them. Stay in touch on this. :0)