Monday, January 5, 2015

25 Things About Me

Because I've neglected this blog for so long, I figured it was proper to reintroduce myself to blog land.  So here goes.  But but prepared - because not everything is in a pretty box tied with a bow!

1.  I've been married almost 30 years. I'll call him Ironman.  We have 3 children.  I've thought about using their proper names in this blog but I still kinda like the anonymity.  I may change my mind but for now I'll give them a nickname.  The Engineer is a, well, an engineer!  He was recently accepted on full scholarship to Johns Hopkins Business School in Baltimore, MD.  We are happy, humbled, excited, proud and looking forward to see where God takes him.  Our middle daughter - whom I'll call "Baylor" is a sophomore at, you guessed it, Baylor University in Waco.  And our youngest daughter, "Broadway" is 16.  And she wants to be an actress.  They are all three very different.  In every way.  But that keeps life interesting.

2.  I don't like chocolate.  And that includes white chocolate which is not really chocolate at all.  White chocolate tastes like candle wax.  And yes, I've tasted candle wax.

3.  I'm allergic to fragrance.  I run and hide from any lotion, soap, cleaner, detergent, cosmetics or gel that contains any kind of fragrance.  As a young girl I remember my mother having to special order fragrance free detergent.  yes, they had it in the 60s and 70s.  Now you can find it at CVS.
Here's a story for you:  Just last week a few days before Christmas I BOUGHT some hand soap at Marshalls.  I put it by the kitchen sink.  Yes, I did that.  The reason was that Ironman is always washing his hands at the kitchen sink and he uses my dishwashing soap that is FRAGRANCE FREE and so I was really trying to save that for me and get him something else…….. what was I thinking?  Anyway I did not touch the bottle.  I did not use the soap.  But here's what happened.  Late Christmas Evening I was cleaning up here and there and really not paying much attention to what I was doing.  I was tired.  And we were going to Walt Disney World in 2 days.  (Walk DisneyWorld)  There were a few pots and pans in the sink so I just gave them a quick scrub and left them in the sink.  The next morning the inside of my palm was itchy and red.  And just a little swollen as if an insect had bitten me.  I noticed it but it wasn't too bad.  Saturday was travel day and by now my fingers were slightly swollen.  I was trying to ignore it.  We arrive in Orlando late Saturday night.  Sunday morning my hand is very swollen and now you can plainly see a rash all over the palm and 3 of my fingers.  Great.  Just great.  But I'm in WDW and we're on vacation so I just wanted to enjoy our trip.  (more about our Disneyworld trips later)  Monday morning my hand was causing problems so I went to the clinic at the resort.  The ladies there - I'm pretty sure they are not medical professionals - gave me an ice pack and some benadryl.  The ice did make it feel better and I hoped it would help but by Tuesday morning it was serious.  Yep, I waited that long.   That afternoon Ironman and I went to Urgent Care in Orlando.  WDW has free transportation to and from the clinic.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that I saw the triage nurse even before I had finished filling out the first page of information.  I unwrapped my hand explaining to her what I thought had happened and about the fragrance allergy.  One look and she got the doctor who came in and asked the usual questions.  The nurse called Ironman in from the waiting room not because his presence was needed but because he had the papers that were yet to be filled out.  He didn't know that, though, and said later he thought they were calling him because I needed to go to the hospital.  So the doctor lanced the dead skin (yuck, sorry)  Put some burn cream on my entire hand, wrapped it up.  I got 2 injections, 3 prescriptions and strict instructions to return if there's any change for the worse.  So……. wanna see?

That, ladies and gentleman, is what a 2nd degree chemical burn looks like.   Not pretty.  And I will never, ever allow it to happen again.  If I hadn't been out of town I would have gone to the doctor much sooner.  So I'm still wrapping it up every night.  There's no swelling and no itching.  And the soap is swimming with the fishes.  ( I also bleached everything in the kitchen)  I'm sure what happened was someone washed their hands at the sink using that soap and the suds were on the few pots I scrubbed.  That's all it took.  Nothing injured my right hand because I used a little scrub brush.  So that hand didn't touch the suds.  The brush is in the landfill now.

4.  I've been to Walt Disney World in Orlando 25 times.  Please do not do the finance part of that.

5.  I've met Donny Osmond 2 times.  The first time I could not even move.  Second time was easier.  He needs the saving power of our Heavenly Father. ( I have a couple of photos……. shoot.  They're not on this computer.  A couple of years ago my computer died and I lost everything.  Still I have the "real" print out photos so I'll scan them tomorrow.  Good Old D-Man.  The mormon thing is upsetting.

6.  I've watched every single episode of "19 Kids and Counting"  

7.  I know how to sew well, knit enough to get by and crochet.  I'm learning to do upholstery.

8.  I can be quite aloof.  

9.  I am not close with my family.

10.  I can figure out recipes in my head after tasting something new.  I have a SIL that enjoys the same thing and that's always been fun for us.

11.  I once shoplifted a pack of rock-n-roll cookies from a store on a dare.

12.  In my 8th grade biology lab I sat in the back with a group of disruptive students.  We giggled, talked and passed notes.  The teacher was an old man who was b.o.r.i.n.g.  (funny, he probably wasn't that old) I made a B in the class on my report card but in the comments was the numeral 9.  9 - parent must contact teacher.  Well, that wasn't going to make it home.  No way.  So I folded the paper, put it in my jeans pocket and washed the jeans.  Washed them and dried them.  Then I rewashed them and redried them.  I casually told my mother "whoops, I washed my report card!"  She just glanced at the grades and didn't really say anything.  A few days later the biology teacher asked me if my mother had seem my report card.  I just said "yes sir" which was the truth.  The other girls in the giggly group got in trouble at home and the teacher separated all of us and that was the end of that.  To this day I've never told my mother.

13.  Ironman and I bicker about stupid stuff.

14.  I make a list every day.  And I check off items as I go.  

15.  I write everything down the old fashioned way.  On my list.  On a piece of paper.  I just recently learned to add things to my calendar phone.  It wasn't that I didn't know how, it was just that it took too long and having it on the phone wasn't in clear sight.  But I do it now.

16.  I used to teach full time.  I quit my teaching job 2 years ago because I was miserable.  That is a story in itself.  It's all behind me now and I substitute at a school near my house.  I'm not kidding when I tell you they called me 2-3 times a week.  The school is Prekindergarten through 8th grade and I've worked in every grade except for 5th.  I've even substituted for the secretary and the librarian!  Definitely makes me want to go back to work full time next year.  Besides, the money would be good.

17.  I think the sound of my typing is making Ironman irritable.

18.  My spices are on the shelf in ABC order.  

19.  My pantry is arranged by category.

20.  I don't like to be interrupted.  My worse pet peeve.  HATE IT.

21.  Because I don't like to be interrupted, many times I don't even start because I KNOW I'll be interrupted.  

22.  I like it the way I like it.

23.  I'm just a little OCD about my dental care.  Just a little.  Nothing to qualify me for an appearance on Dr. Phil.  I floss twice a day.  Every day.  Always.

24.  I've been dumped by friends.  And I mean DUMPED.  Sucks.

and now to 25.  I didn't think I'd come up with 25 things.  

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