Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year Resolution!

I have an announcement to make:


Ladies and Gentleman, I have fulfilled my 2014 New Year Resolution.

I have not had ONE SIP of a soda in 12 months.  That's right.  I kicked the addiction.  And I am happy.

Liquid death.  That's what I've heard soda called.  Of course, down here in Louisiana we call all sodas "coke".

So let me clarity:  NO COKES FOR A YEAR.  and that includes "diet" coke.

And I did it.

After the initial few days of withdrawal I noticed I don't have as much gassy problems.  I fact, I don't have any gassy problems.  And substituting water for the soda has made my skin clearer.

Now on to 2015.

This year my New Year's Resolution is to not eat any BREAD.  For one solid year.

I will not eat:

sandwich bread
french bread
dinner rolls
crackers of any kind
croutons (ha)
pie crust

I'm sticking to the paleo plan.

Fresh Fruits
Fresh vegetables
healthy fat
meat, fish, poultry
nuts and seeds

So far so good!

I"d also like to get myself on an exercise schedule  But let's not go TOO crazy!


  1. Wow!! That is an awesome accomplishment! Good luck with this years goal.

  2. Thanks, Michelle. I still can't believe I did it. I've given up soda for several months before this was a whole 'nuther thang! LOL Happy new Year to you