Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Calling Dr Phil! Kate Gosselin needs an emergency intervention

Have y'all watched any of the new season of Kate Plus 8?  YES!  Can you believe she has her kids on tv again?  Whoa.

I watched it.  Same way you can't help but stare at a train wreck.

Cara and Maddie are angry and snarky and whiney.  The "little kids" are always in a group.  Do they have different interests?  Uh, yeah they do.  But they're always thrown together.  I realize it's a reality show that's edited.  So it's not for true reality.  Does Kate KNOW the camera is on her?  Oh my heavens.  Say something kind and gentle once.  Allow your kids to keep their dignity.  Did you see that time she was playing some kind of game and by golly she was going to WIN.  She does not believe in "letting kids win".  Competitive anyone?  She wasn't playing fair so she wasn't the real winner.  Her daughter was the loser.  In more ways than one.

Somebody has control issues.

Then last night without warning, Kate tells the camera that her father would kill, cook and make her eat her pet bunnies.  WHAT????!!!  GOOD.GOSH.HOLY.COW!!  I almost fell off the couch.

I just couldn't watch anymore.  Here's hoping someone will enter the lives of those kid and offer them a safe place to fall.

By the way, where is Mr. Gosselin?  Is he still around?  Doesn't he have to sign off on this show?  The kids are minors………. ugh.

Ironman was out of town last night so I watched tv alone.  There's some odd shows on that there tube.  And when there's nothing on?  It's me and netflix and Gilmore Girls.  WOOP!

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