Sunday, February 26, 2012

Groundhog Day

I was looking through my last few posts and realized it's groundhog's day.  It's groundhog's day.  The same excuse for neglecting the blog over and over.  I'm sure you're rolling your eyes.  I think I will set aside another time of day to post.  Because the evenings are just so busy around here and I fall asleep before I can make it to the computer.

Tonight we will watch The Oscars.  Staying home this time to watch in our own new house.

Speaking of our new house, just a few little changes have made such a big impact.  First of all, the hearth room.  It was an uncomfortable room for sitting.   And so I rearranged the furniture.  I knew I could just put everything right back if the arrangement in my mind didn't work out.


Obviously,  this photo is from Christmas.  But it does show the room arrangement.  The sofa is against the wall, 2 red chairs, 1 blue chair that has been replaced now that the Tree is gone.  It was very uncomfortable.


Photo to Come.  Oscar party is starting.  *I thought I already had the photo loaded.
I will upload it later tonight.

By the way, I've actually seen one of the nominated films!!  The Descendents.  So I hope it wins!!

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  1. it's amazing how just rearranging a few chairs can make all the difference! can't wait for the picture!