Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things have just been busy lately

I don't even know where to begin.

The month began with I.T. girl missing 4 days of school with illness.  I ended up taking her to the doctor who could only treat the symptoms.  But those symptoms needs to STOP.  If you know what I mean.  She felt much better by the evening.

It's the kind of illness that you dread.  You just know it's going to travel through the family.  Surprisingly and thankfully it did NOT.  It began and started with I.T. girl.

Then we began to prepare to visit The Engineer on his college campus.  He was having a birthday.  21.   He's an adult now.  We took him King Cake and money.  Fed him.  Shopped for new clothes.  And found an apartment for him to move into this summer  We have always told him his senior year he could move off campus and into an apartment.  I was so impressed with this complex.  Wow!  It was chilly and rainy but a fun, busy weekend.

The school where I teach has been preparing for a reaccreditation process.  The observers showed up Tuesday.  They stayed the entire school day.  I was surprised that they only observed my class for 60 minutes.  I've been through the ECERS evaluation and the observer stayed from school bell to school bell.    Even though I was sure of myself and my classroom environment, I was relieved when the observation day was complete.  Now to wait for the results.

Dancer Girl is in a middle school musical.  She will be Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

I'm preparing to switch out my winter decor to spring.  Tomorrow the high is 85.  Friday the high is predicted to be 54.  How crazy is that?


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  1. Ours turned 21 as well, and we took him cupcakes and money :) Aren't children the best?!