Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm baaack!

Some of you may have noticed I've been missing in action.  I'm not so sure why I've neglected my blog.  I've been so busy.  That's  no excuse as  I'm always busy.

A few things happened that I didn't want to discuss.  I need time to think about them inside my head.

I almost lost my voice.  The roller coaster weather is taking it's toll on my sinuses.  One day it will be in the 70s.  The next day it'll be in the 30's.  And then before you can pull out an extra pair of fluffy socks, it's back up into the 70s.  It's been a wild and wacky winter.

I sometimes have anxiety.  When those days hit, I don't eat chocolate.  I don't stay in bed and sleep.  I don't drink, smoke, dip or chew.  I organize.

First up:  the office area in my home.  Too much clutter.  It took me HOURS but I managed to purge, sort, repurpose, reuse and organize.
 I was able to organize things so that my printer could actually fit on the desk facing forward.  I discovered the shelves are adjustable.
 My caddy from Michaels.  Sorted and functional.  

On to the next project:  The master closet.  We have this huge walking closet.  The space had become unmanageable.  Shirts would hide from me.  Shoes would get lost.  I finally had just HAD it with the clutter.

             Next up:  the master bedroom closet:  what a mess.  I've been meaning to 
            take on the challenge of it for many days.  Today was the day.
 I purged, rearranged, ordered, put things back.  Ahhhhh  So beautiful now.

  White, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, brown, black.    Like a work of art.

Now it's on to the garage.  


I've already done a lot of work out there.  Wait until you see!


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  1. Anxiety is not much fun, but at least you have got some great organizing to show for it! Welcome back!