Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in the swing of things

Today is February 1st and it was 78 and muggy.  This has been a mild winter to say the least.  I have a few things I'd like to post and catch up a little  after my weekend migraine.  But first I have to ask you a question:  how old are these ladies?  

This catalog came in the mail.  These girls must be preteen.  
I heard on the news recently that Cindy Crawford's daughter has been signed to do some modeling.  She is 10.

 This is a piece of furniture in my bedroom.  See that candlestick?  I've had it for years.
 I paid full price at PierOne.   And because I paid full price I just could not bring myself to change it at all.  I kept thinking about the money.

This weekend I gave in.  I spray painted it.  Spray paint is my best friend.  Now the candlestick matches the lamp.  The lamp used to be a white base with a yellow and white gingham fabric shade.  Uh, yeah.  I bought it at JCP decades ago.  
A few months ago I painted the  base black.  And I changed the fabric on the shade.  On Saturday morning I added the little white fringy ball things.  I had just enough left over after doing the bottom to wrap once around the top with the same decoration.  I wish I had an original photo of this lamp.  

These photos have shadows.  Well, tomorrow is Groundhog Day!  Next time I'll delete the shadows.  Or reconfigure the lighting.

I had one more quick project to complete.  I bought these dinner napkins at World Market a few weeks ago.   They were 99 cents each.  I needed new pillow covers.
 This is all you need:  napkins, scissors, heat and bond tape, an iron and ironing board.
 Put right sides together.  Cut straight across one of the napkins.  This will allow you to have an opening to insert the pillow when you are finished gluing.  I chose to cut a little off the center.  But you could cut straight down the center.

Now you have one whole napkin for the front.  And the napkin that will be on the back of your pillow has been cut into 2 pieces.

Turn the cut sides to the edge.  That way the hem of the napkin will become the edge.

Follow the directions on the heat and bond tape.  Turn the fabric.  Insert pillow form.  New sew pillow covers!

I did notice the little man in the fabric design until I finished the pillow.   He doesn't look happy. Maybe he's upset that J Crew has little girls on the cover of their latest catalog.

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