Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Social Studies Project, A Migraine, and a Messy House

I'm back.

I feel as if I've returned from a foreign land.

Last week was consumed with a social studies project due at school on Friday for the fair.  This project involved a trip to Office Depot and Fed Ex Office.  But mainly it tied up my computer every evening after school.  The Dancer Girl did most of the work herself but there are times you just need a little help from your friends, i.e. Mom and Sister.
The project made it to school right on time.  It was one of those weeks when you say T.G.I.F. and you MEAN T.G.I.F.

Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing.  I had a list of tasks I wanted to tackle before Monday morning.  And if you know me, I love having a list of organizing and cleaning tasks to do.  "Help me or get out of my way" I said.   (More about some of the projects I did get to later)  By mid afternoon I was bedridden with a migraine.  I haven't had a migraine in months.  And when the symptoms first appeared, I admit, I was in denial.  Maybe it's because I haven't eaten anything.  Or Maybe it's just my imagination.  But soon the blurry vision, nausea and the "sparkles" couldn't be ignored.  I did not return to consciousness until Sunday mid afternoon.

Monday it was back to work feeling frustrated that the many fun projects I had on my to do list will have to wait another week.

I have photos to upload and stories to tell.  They will have to wait.  All of them except for one.  Do you tell people at work that you have a blog?  I sure don't.  Because there are times I discuss work relationships and events.  On Monday a woman I work with said to me out of the blue, "Does everyone have a blog nowadays?  I've gotten three emails from friends inviting me to read their blogs.  I didn't even know what a blog was!"  She then went on to talk about how the blogs had cute names and all but why would anyone think others would be interested in reading about their lives?  I just laughed.  And no, I did not tell her I have a blog.  Maybe one day I will............. nah.  I think I'll keep it a secret.

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  1. I work with my Mom and sister, and while that is actually mostly fun, it also gives our co-workers more insight into me. I wouldn't have told anyone at work I have a blog, but my Mom did! I don't know if anyone reads it, but since I don't know for sure, I keep it work friendly. The days that all I can think are work things, that makes for a tough post!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Migraines are so awful.