Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Ponderings

I had a lot of "think" time today.

What kind of vacuum cleaner should I purchase?  We need one NOW.
Should I put Valentine Decor or Mardi Gras?
When will this rain end?
Did the weather guy just say sleet and snow is in the forecast?
Wasn't it 70 degrees Saturday morning?
Where is the nearest drive thru car wash?
What time is it?  That question is asked often.
What are we going to have for supper?
Did I remember to unplug the curling iron?
Did I pay Dancer Girl's lunch money?

Tonight is the BCS championship between LSU and Alabama.  I graduated from LSU.  I enjoyed every minute, however, most of those enjoyable minutes had nothing to do with football.   I wore my LSU Alumni T-shirt to school today.  Not a question, but I did think about my LSU days today.

Why do I still have a sore throat?  It's been almost a month.

When you know it's right, you just know it's right.

When will I find a pretty rug for the hearth room?

When I figure out the answers to all of these questions, I'll let you know!



  1. Ha! That sounds like my life. Always more questions than answers, though! :)

  2. I love this, Patti. My mind often works that way . . . ! And, I'm sorry about LSU - - not fans of the SEC (we're PAC 12 fans), but we did pick LSU to win. Boo!

  3. Hi Patti,
    I can only help with one of your universal questions. I just splurged on a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I don't like vacuuming anymore than I did before, but it's satisfying pulling up all sorts of dirt that has been there for a long time! Life is dull in Seattle in January, making a deluxe vacuum the highlight of your existence :-)
    I'm relieved to hear someone else in the country has a sore throat which has far outlasted the cold it originally came with.