Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is it hot in here to you?

Today the high was 67.   Yesterday the high was 75.  Tomorrow the high is predicted to be in the 70s.

For a girl who is HOT all the time, this non-winter is unpleasant.  I was so looking forward to the cold north wind, ice and sleet.  I was hoping for those days when even I'm cold!

Warm clothes and warm soup - aaaahhhhh  Am I asking too much Mother Nature?

Today I wore flip flops to work.

It was nice to open the doors to the classroom and let the fresh air in, but we usually do that in the spring,  NOT in January.  

We need some arctic air to blow down south.  Where are you Jack Frost?


  1. Jack Frost would be up here, in the northwest! Please come and get him!!

  2. I'm always hot! Last Sunday I was the only person in church using the bulletin as a personal fan....

  3. I understand. I am always hot, too. Do you try to always dress in layers?