Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday.

Ironman came in from work.  Within the hour he, I.T. girl and The Engineer (who came home from campus for the weekend) left to "run some errands".

Very subtle.

I don't need a birthday gift.  There's nothing I really even want.  Well, I take that back.  One thing we need and yes, I want is a new vacuum cleaner.  I think Ironman is hesitant to buy one as a birthday gift because he knows that there was a day that anything to do with house cleaning or cooking was a huge No-No as a gift.  :)

I've shared this little story with ladies at work.  We've had a fun time remembering gifts given to us by our husbands.   Funny, funny, funny.  Some men are just not gifted in gift selection.

Mrs. W - husband once gave her slippers for there birthday.  Big, fluffy Tiger Head Slippers.  Like a small child would wear.
Mrs. R - husband once gave her a mop.  Yes, a mop.  Not a fancy mop.  Just a run of the mill cotton fiber mop.  For their ANNIVERSARY!  (and they're still married )
Mrs. C - husband once gave her a huge portrait of a strange woman.  The frame was as large as a hallway door.  Huh?  Oh we laughed at that one.
Mrs. D - husband bought her a very expensive handbag.  She did wish for a particular handbag.  The one husband presented to her at Christmas was the wrong color, the wrong designer name and the wrong type.

This year is different.  I have been asking around and shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. The search has narrowed but I haven't made a commitment yet.

Meanwhile the carpet is looking mighty sad.  Dirty and sad.

What kind of vacuum cleaner do you recommend?


  1. My husband is forbidden from ever buying me clothes - ever. And he better not ever bring mr a large framed picture of a strange woman, either.

    Good luck with getting an awesome vacuum cleaner - we are really hard on vacuums, so I would be interested to know what kind you get :)

  2. Oh yes, CLOTHES. You are so right about that. Husbands should never pick out clothes for wives. It never turns out well.

    Funny :)

  3. We, too, are hard on vacuums and I have no advice on how to get a good one as I don't feel we've ever really had a good one. :)

    On the gift giving thing. My father took my sister and I Christmas shopping for my mom when we were nine and ten. I really, really wanted to get my mother an electric can opener (I'm not sure why) but my father advised me to get her something "more personal" and then led me to the frying pans! (Looking back, I'm sure my mother had asked for a frying pan and that the whole thing was a set-up. But I still love my father's using "more personal" to describe a frying pan.)