Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This morning Ironman and I were the only ones awake.  The house was quiet and peaceful.  We scrambled some eggs, buttered some toast, and had a pot of coffee to share. I'm sure I married the right one.  (long story for another time)

 Then we decided to go on to church alone and let the teenagers sleep in.
It was so nice to sit in worship with just my husband.  I needed it.  I needed time to reflect, remember and rest in HIs care.  The service refreshed my soul.

On the way home we pulled into a nearby grocery store.  Obviously, we better not return home without food.  We filled the cart with necessary things.  I did not "fret" about the money because I'm thankful to have a houseful of hungry teenagers.

Anyway, most of the day Ironman and I have thought about the past.  Our teens leave the room LOVE and ENJOY when we sing old 70s songs and talk about the "old days"

Do you remember:
1. When stores were closed on Sunday?
2. When your 4th grade teacher threatened you with the metric system?  YOU MUST LEARN IT.  When you're an adult, all the USA will be using this system.
3. When your grandmother added bacon fat to all her cookin'?
4. The words to Kumbayah?  My kids had never even hear of that song.
5. Or the words to "Kookaburro"?
6. Or Neil Sadaka?  When I was a young girl, after my parent's divorce.........I wanted my mother to marry Neil Sadaka.  :)
7. Playing outside until the street lights came on?  Nobody ever checked on us
I rode my bike to school.  Every day.  1st - 6th grade

Love and Kisses

It's back to work for me tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, the metric threat! I hated learning the metric system, but our teachers did say it would be the system of our future.....I am so glad they were wrong!