Tuesday, January 24, 2012

15 minutes organization blitz

I enjoy Laura at orgjunkie.com.  I enjoy her blog because I enjoy organizing.  Sorting and purging and rearranging is like therapy to me.  The Container Store?  LOVE!  Target Dollar Spot?  With all those cutesy little baskets and bins?  Double Love.

I was reading through Laura's 15 minute organizing ideas and I saw one that I desperately needed  caught my eye.

Organizing your spice cabinet.  Wow.  I have no idea what we even have in there!
What a mess.  (besides organizing, I'm sure I have some purging to do. )

This is the cabinet on the right of my stovetop. 
 This is the cabinet on the left.  
 First step:  take it all out.  Wipe down the interior.  I've had that step organizer thing for many years.

I put the containers in alphabetical order.

I then returned them to the shelves.  Starting on the back row I placed the containers in order going backwards in the alphabet.  So my spices are now arranged from B - Basil to T - Thyme.

I discovered several things during my 15 minutes of energy.  

1.  There are several spices I need to replenish.  For instance:  we are completely out of garlic powder.
2.  There were a couple of spices that needed to be purged.  Pumpkin Pie Spice?  I can't even remember the last time I used that.  
3.  When I organized my pantry I discovered I had a lot of soup. Well it's dejavu all over again.  

 Three celery seasonings?  I don't know any recipes I have that call for celery seed.  And celery salt?  I only know one.  Paula Deen's Beef Vegetable Soup requires celery salt.  It's been so warm here we haven't been in the mood for soup this January.
(today it was a freezing 58 at 3:00pm)

  And the vanilla made me laugh.  Three bottles of vanilla.  One of which is still in the fancy box.  So funny.  (yes, one is just vanilla flavoring and not the true blue stuff but still..........)

It may seem like a silly thing, but when you know exactly what you have at home you are much less likely to buy "just in case/I can't remember".

You'll probably also know that I Heart Kroger.

What will I organize tomorrow?  I'll have to go back to Laura's blog for inspiration.

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  1. Very timely, since my spice cupboard is actually a black hole! I thought I'd been using cinnamon but it was actually cumin, which luckily, didn't hurt the sweet potatoes. Made me think it was time to clean out that mess of tiny bottles!