Monday, January 2, 2012

My 5 Strengths

I returned to work today after the Christmas/New Year Holidays.  Today was a day set aside for faculty and staff to enjoy a fun morning of inservice.  Don't we all enjoy inservice day?  As you can see I was not excited to return.  I hoped the morning would be worthwhile.

The faculty was assigned a book to read sometime in October/November.

Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath

 After reading the book and opening the envelope in the back with your one time only access code, you were to log on and take the online quiz.  This quiz would reveal your top 5 strengths.

I skimmed the book on Saturday.  I took the online quiz on Saturday.  Yes, I didn't do it until the deadline was nearing.  Still I heard other teachers admit they got up early this morning and took the quiz!  We do best under pressure.

My top 5 strengths:
1. Relator
2. Achiever
3. Maximizer
4. Developer
5. Discipline

I have to say, relator?  I was STUNNED it was my greatest strength.  I feel like I struggle to relate with others.  I've always said the most challenging part of my job is working with women.  And I'm a woman.  So I can say that.  It can be great working with other women but it can be difficult and frustrating.  

The book has a short chapter explaining each strength.  After reading it thoroughly scanning it I decided that many of the traits outlined for "relators" I do recognize.  So okay, maybe that is one of my personality quirks.  But a strength?  I just don't know.

We met as a grade level and read our list of strengths aloud.  Discovered others who have the same strength.  Laughed and discussed each one.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The next exercise took a little more thought.  We were to attribute a strength (or two) to those we work with on a daily basis.
When I read through the cards about me - WOW!  I was so .......... not sure what the word is.  But I was happy and relieved and almost proud (can I say proud?) of the strengths my work friends listed under my name.  I HOPE I have those strengths.
And, by the way, their lists were quite different from the computer generated one.


Someone even wrote in the word LOVELY along the side.

It absolutely made my day.
Have you ever thought about your strengths?


  1. I'd say "fierce" but not everyone thinks of that as a strength, so instead I will say "loyal". I am fiercely loyal!

  2. I like that. "fiercely loyal" is a good one:)