Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Heart Having A Family

This morning when I got up and made my way through the booby traps to the coffee pot, I had to smile.  There was a WRECK in every room.  Just see for yourself.

Oh yes -   A big, big mess.   I could write a song.
My first thought was to take all these photos.  Then spend several hours cleaning everything, and then post "after" photos.

But you know what?  After thinking about it (as I was cleaning up everything) I decided that's not what I wanted to do.

I remember a time when I didn't have people living with me.  I remember when there was only one small basket of laundry.

And so today I am so thankful that I have a family.

 I'm thankful that The Engineer comes home, throws his books and shoes and backpack on the floor just like old times.  Because he's home.

 I'm thankful that I have to buy this many eggs.  Because I have that many people who live here who enjoy eggs.
I'm thankful that the laundry room proves a family lives here. I  love the hooks Ironman installed.  And I especially love that my daughter writes "A Rocks" on every single writable surface!

I love that my 17 year old asks Ironman to study with her.
I love that my 13 year old enjoys shopping with Mom.  (and cooking)
I love that my 20 year old likes to come home and just hang out with the parents.
Even if we're not doing anything special. 

I love being IN a family.


  1. Oh, yes, exactly! My house looks just like that, but I'm loving it....most days!

  2. How blessed to have family, no doubt. I miss mine. They are all grown now. But they still like to hang out with mom (me) when they are in town.