Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Work In Progress

We moved into our new house in July.   We managed to designate areas for all most our belongings.  We did get the towels in the bathrooms, and the dishes in the kitchen.  Things like that.  Then school started, a new job began and we settled into the new place.  The holidays came and went in a blur.  Now it's January.  I've been rethinking many spaces in our new house.  I've been rearranging, organizing, purging, packing and stacking.

The first place that was begging for a makeover was our pantry.  Here's the before photo:
Ugh.  What a mess.  We could find what we wanted but.......... it was just a mess.  By the way, I have several other photos of the before pantry but really, who wants to see that mess?

So I took a quick inventory of what we had and what we would need to pull this pantry together.  I'm still working on the "cuteness" of the project, but at least now things are organized and easy to locate.

Here's a few after photos:

 A few baskets from Target's Dollar Zone and you got yourself organized can goods.
 Now everything is where it belongs.  And it's easy to tell where the ketchup lives. 
 What is it about soup?  I have so many cans!  Why do I have so many cans of soup?  I think it's because I'm in the store and I don't know if I have soup and so I just buy a couple just in case.  My pantry was in such disarray I didn't know what I had.  Now I know............ I HAVE SOUP!
                   As you can see, I still have work to do on the "cuteness" front. 

Next room to conquer:  my half craft room/ half video game room.  

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  1. For me, it is cans of chicken broth. I always think I've used it all, and then when I unpack the groceries....well, you know! Your pantry looks wonderful!