Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What a day, what a day

Monday, January 16th was one of those days.

It began simple enough.  I had the day off of work.   I left the house for a dental appointment scheduled for 8:20am.  All that dental work from childhood seems to be breaking down all at once.  I guess it wasn't meant to last a lifetime.

I was almost to the dentist's office.  I mean, I was a stone throw's away and I saw the dreaded red lights in my rearview.  My first thought was "he's not stopping me!"  But oh yes, he was stopping me.  Now that's one way to start your day.  Going to the dentist AND getting stopped by the police.  He looked at my license and told me it was expired.  Well, yes, it expired Saturday on my birthday.  I just haven't had time to go by the DMV (who has time to do that?)   He did not ticket me for that.  He also did not ticket me for having the wrong address on my license.  He just kinda scolded me for driving over the speed limit and let me go but not before ruining my morning.

The dental appointment was quick and painless.  He did not even put my tooth to sleep.  He repaired the filling and I was outta there.

Arriving back home The Dancer Girl was waiting for me to help her with her Social Studies project.  I had this idea to blow up one of the photos she was using on her display board.  So I loaded a digital copy onto the jump drive, took it to Office Depot.  The Depot Lady was very nice and tried her best but could not get her printers to communicate with the computer.  So I took the jump drive to Fed Ex Office where the worker there told me he could do it, but it would be $35.00.  Wow.  Too rich for my blood.  I returned home empty handed.

Dancer Girl and I worked to finish the project.  I was relieved and almost amazed that she wanted to finish it on her day off from school.  And that she DID finish it.

All this driving around town was actually therapeutic.  Sometimes several minutes of that rocking 70's music is just what I need.

I took a couple of photos with my phone.  Yes, I took them while I was driving.  Therefore they are shaky and lopsided.  

 No matter what you do................ I only want to be with you!

Bay City Rollers - where are they now?  I'm going to have to google them.

And then I heard my favorite - Donny Osmond
Oh, and by the way, I was driving I.T. Girl's car.............. I left her radio on the 70's channel.  Hee Hee


  1. My ring tone is "I Think I Love You"....yes, I loved David Cassidy. Kinda still do!