Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I think it's time

My new coat hangs in the closet.

My scarves hang on the hook.

Gumbo and Vegetable Soup recipes sit on the shelf.

Fireplace is quiet.

Where is our winter?  Today it was 75 degrees!

Mr. Snowman - bring us a chill.  Make it cold enough for cocoa.  We want a fire in the fireplace.  We want to wear our new coats and scarves!

Our snowman decorations are going back in the box this weekend.  I'm ready for some valentine hearts.  It's difficult to enjoy snowmen when I'm wearing flip flops everyday.

We'll pack up the snow and the winter trees.  

These snowmen have been wishing for weeks now.  So far, no luck.

What a crazy January.  


We had these Mexican Pizza Cups for dinner.  I found the recipe at  I've been stalking Katie's healthy recipes for food I crave and this was the first recipe I tried.  Wow!  We loved it.  
Find the recipe here: click here
It's quick and easy to prepare.
You probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen right now.
60 calories each!!


I can't wait to try another one of Katie's recipes.  

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