Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lost In A Maze Of One Way Streets

This morning I was just settling into another busy morning of preschool when my cell phone rang.   I glanced at my caller I.D. and saw my daughter's name.  Oh the feeling you get in your stomach when you see that.  Naturally I grabbed the phone in one swoop that would probably qualify me for the Cell Phone Hall of Fame.  I heard this shaky, almost crying voice say, "Mom..........."  Is there any sound worse than that?

I.T. was lost in a maze of one way streets downtown.  I'm not sure she's ever been downtown since we've lived here and I know for certain she's never driven downtown alone.  She began to tell me she was lost and she didn't know where she was and she didn't know how to find her school and continued to tell me how she got off at the wrong exit and she was so upset I took a deep breath and told her to find a place to pull over.

She pulled over in a church parking lot.  But she couldn't even tell me which church she was so upset.

I stepped next door and motioned to the classroom teacher.  I continued to talk to I.T. girl and thought that maybe my colleague could help me figure out where she was.  After what seemed like forever - but was probably 4 or 5 minutes - I.T. girl pulled closer to the church building and noticed the signage.  "First United Methodist Church".  Okay, just stay there.  I'm coming right now.

I grabbed my car keys at the speed of light, flew to my car, opened the door and tore down the interstate.  I managed to find her with the help of my G.P.S. (that we call Teckna)  Then I.T. girl followed me back to her high school.  Today was the last day of mid-term exams and so I walked her into the school office to explain what happened.  And to just make sure the administration would let her enter late.  "No problem", they said. Her tardy will be excused and she can go on to class.

Wow.  It was now 9:20am and I wanted to go back home and get in bed.

Alas, I had to return to my own school.  I did have visions of a slushy from Sonic.  It's a good thing there's not one along the route.

A final note:  make sure you have your portable GPS in your car and not in the drawer in the kitchen.  :)


In other news, The Dancer Girl and I ran up to Target this evening.  I had my eye on a few storage bins.  Our new house has a large pantry and I just can not manage to organize it  for both easy of use and cuteness.   I started on this project last night.  I shall take before and after photos.


  1. Hip-hip-hooray for GPS! For me, it's a Slurpie from 7-11. I have visions of them even during the coldest part of winter.

  2. Oh yes, the 7-11 slurpie. Our little stores don't have a drive thru. So Sonic wins most of the time!
    Sonic should sell a cola flavored frozen drink. Hear that Sonic?