Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday Morning Bah Mitzvah

Dancer Girl was invited to her friend's Bah Mitzvah.  I have never been to such a service.  I was delighted to escort her.  Not knowing what to expect still gives me those middle school butterflies.  The minute we stepped inside we were among family.  And that was definitely the ongoing theme of the celebration.   I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Seeing the legacy of generations, the friends from far, my daughter and her middle school friends.......... I loved it.  I am thankful we were all invited to share with H.R. on his special day.  I am thankful and honored to be a part of the extended family/friend community.

By the time I returned home it was well past noon.  And my list of "must be done today" items were waiting for me.  Oh my goodness, where to even begin!

I had a few packages to deliver to the post office.  But first they had to be packed, addressed and stamped.   I had sticky floor in the kitchen, bathroom mirrors that haven't seen windex in way too long, laundry piled high, mail to sort, bills to pay.  CALGON!! TAKE ME AWAY!!

I must confess a little secret that only Ironman knows about me.  I LOVE to clean the house. I love housework.  I know, CRAZY!  I love the sound of a vacuum, the smell of cascade and windex.  I love to sort, arrange, organize and purge.  So today was a good day for me.  Busy, but good.

Tomorrow:  MORE PHOTOS!  I can't wait  :)

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