Monday, February 27, 2012

My Days That Never End or Why I Still Drink Coffee

It's 9:43pm.  All I really want to do is crawl into the bed and sleep until spring.  But I am determined to keep up this blog.

I was derailed yesterday with my before and after furniture arrangement project.  We have a hearth room connected to the kitchen.  Many of my friends call this room "the keeping room"  Whatever you call it, it's definitely the room we live in.  But it was so uncomfortable sitting in there.  The furniture seemed off balance.  I liked how the room looked but at the same time I knew I needed to fix the problem.

I don't have a great photo from the "before".

 So much better.  You may also notice the rug I bought at Home Depot.  I went in to get a can of green apple spray paint and came out with a rug.  And the spray paint.  Try not to notice the pink bunny ears.  

This morning I made a list.  A long, long list.  Everything I needed to do today.  
 And here's how the list looks now.

Here's my day:
Heading out the door to work, Dancer Girl asks me if I know where her gym uniform is.  Well, it's in the washer of course.  SOAKING WET.  We put it in the dryer and luckily had about 10 minutes to spare.  The shorts were dry.  The t-shirt, not so much.  But she said she could hang it up and it would have more time to dry before P.E.

Worked all day.

Left work.  Went to Walgreens.  Went by Eye Doctor.  Picked up The Engineer's contact lens.  Went by FedEx Office.   Shipped contacts overnight.  Zipped by the house and picked up I.T. Girl.  She drove.  (EEEEEKK!)  Tomorrow morning she has to meet her class somewhere other than school and I just wanted to make sure she knew how to get there.  I'm funny that way.  Don't want her to get lost.  We made it.  Found the event location.  Then drove back and picked up Dancer Girl from musical practice.
Zipped back by the house.  Girls ordered pizza.  Luckily we have a pizza restaurant right around the corner.  I left again.  This time headed to my Weight Watchers meeting.  By the way, I've lost 13.9 pounds in 5 weeks.  Woop Woop
Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.   I made a new friend who was also sitting on the back row.  She told me she has given up all cola.  WOWEE!!!  Impressive.

After the meeting, I had to run get gas, stop by the grocery store for COFFEE (I have not given it up and probably never will), pull up and get the mail, go by the ATM and get a few dollars for I.T. girl's adventure tomorrow.

Yes, I was hungry when I got home.  And tired.  Hungry and tired.

And that is why I will not be giving up coffee any time soon.

I've already started a new list for tomorrow.  It has 3 to do items.  

Good night.  I'm going to bed!!

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