Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

September 5, Labor Day.  I can't believe it's here already.  Two summers in a row were not very vacationy for us.   I feel like we haven't had a break in so long.  And now we're int he hardest part of the school year.  From the first day of school until Thanksgiving is long with no breaks.  Yes, we have a day off on labor Day.  And we have a couple of days off in October for Fall Break.  But we don't have a nice long break until Thanksgiving.  So I'm tired.  The first of school takes so much energy.  No way you can sustain that kind of output for long.  Eventually you're going to hit the wall.

And when you get really tired, what do you do?  Hit some Labor Day Sales.

I bought 3 pairs of shoes today.  THREE!  I had six boxes......... but that was ridiculous.  So I parred it down to 3.  I needed shoes desperately.  I think I've worn flip flops for 6 months.

Dancer Girl had to make a 3-d model of an animal cell.  I bought the supplies.  And rummaged through my craft stuff to find other materials.  She made it this afternoon.  Looks pretty good.

I.T. Girl has been in an unusually good mood lately.  How long with that last?

The Engineer is away in a far off land of Red and Blue.  He's planning to come home in 2 weeks.

Ironman has painted lots of old furniture pieces.  It really is like getting new furniture for free.

When I find the camera, I"ll take photos

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