Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why can't women work together?

I've heard them discuss it on The View.  "Yes, we get along great"  "They would never say that about a group of men"

I heard it years ago when Jane Pauley (eeek!) was edged out of her job by Deborah Norville.  Women are competitive and can not work together.

Well I'm not on television.  But I am here to say it is a challenge to work with a group of women and that makes me so sad.  Not sad, actually,  EMBARRASSED!

At my job there are women of all ages, races, religions, creeds, financial status......... you name it.  It didn't take long for the battle lines to be drawn.  And listen, once they are drawn it is HADES to try to cross them.  And just forget trying to extinquish those lines.  It ain't gonna happen.

I have to be succinct in my words.  

I have to keep my wits.

I have to watch my back.

I have to choose to ignore certain attitudes, behaviors and remarks.

And girl, it is EXHAUSTING!

As I watch shows like "Toddlers and Tiaras" and "Dance Moms" it becomes clear to me that the insecurities of the mother are handed down to the daughter.  And you only "win" if you beat another girl.  Anything less labels you a loser and not worth even considering.

I sat today and had a 20 minutes conversation with a perfectly nice grown woman.  I asked about her daughter who had just this school year started high school.  And then I sat and listened politely and she went on and on and ON about her daughter's achievements in just the month we've been back in session.  All that is fine and dandy.  I don't really mind listening.  Really I don't.  But in all that time........ she never ONCE asked about my own daughters.  Not once!  It's crazy how people are.  Did she not ask because she's that rude and selfish?  Or was it that she was afraid of what I'd say.  Maybe my daughter was achieving MORE than hers.  And that would be too much to hear.  Way too much.

I get tired of women like that.   And this woman is not the first women I've encountered to act just like that.

Why are women so competitive?  Why are women so territorial?  Why do women beat each other up?  Why do women lie to each other and make a huge mountain out of nothing?  I need to go lay down.

Just point me to the nearest restaurant that serves peach cobbler and make it quick!

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