Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I'm Reading

For Christmas, Ironman gave me a Nook.  I wanted a Nook.  But I didn't need a Nook. I was perfectly capable of going down to the B&N and picking up a book.  I was so excited that he had GOTTEN THE HINT and the Nook is my new best friend.  

I just need L.T. go get her husband to buy her a Nook so we can share books in our libraries.  Hint, Hint.

I've already shared some books in my virtual library.  Here's what I'm reading now.

A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents by Liza Palmer: Book Cover

I finished this book last night.  This is the third Liza Palmer book I've read.  And book #4 isn't released until APRIL!  What will I do?  I love, love, love her books.  The first chapter was a little too close to home for me........... and so I didn't continue reading it.  But now it's been a few weeks since my latest family drama and because I'm a cheapo and didn't want to waste my money and never read the thing.......... I opened it back up on my Nook and continued reading.  I did not put the crazy thing down until I just couldn't see out of my eyeballs anymore!  Finished the book in 3 days.  As always, Miss Palmer - I love you.  And I think you've been following me around with this book!
The story of Grace and her siblings and a deceased mother and a dying father....... and all the family drama.  The very last page  made me laugh out loud.  As an ode to the author, here is my list:
Things I'd rather do than endure family drama:
1. Have my throat swabbed with a q-tip
2.  be stung by a wasp
3.  be interrogated by the police

Family Drama.  It never ends for me

Hurry up Liza.  I need another book!

And then I found myself "bookless"  I logged onto Blogher.  Clicked on Book Club and thought it would be fun to read along with these other ladies.  I'm sure most of them read on a Nook.  And so this is what we're reading together:

I've only on page 100 of this book.  It grabbed me, though, from the first few pages.  So many interesting characters.  I can't wait to see what they are going to do.  That reminds me, I need to check in at Blogher.  Put in my review for the first 100.

Tomorrow is Labor Day.  I'm going to shop for shoes.  Take a nap.  Read a book.

I hope it rains.

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