Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where are my photos?

We moved into this house July 20.  I am have been sorting and organizing and rearranging ever since.  I took several before and after photos of various spots around the house that are much improved after a few baskets, etc.  The pantry, the front closet, the master bedroom closet...............where are they?   I've checked 2 memory cards.  I guess I'll find the photos.  Kinda bummed that I don't get to show them.

So I'll jsut show these.  Ironman was out of town.  I.T. Girl and Dancer Girl requested omelets and biscuits for supper.  Easy enough.
Milk, cheese, sausage, flour, baking power, buttermilk, sugar..........

                                                      Gosh I hate when that happens.

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