Monday, August 6, 2012


I went to the dentist today.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a physician for a followup on my high blood pressure.

Talking to the doctor is not horrible.  That's not the part I dread.  I dread the waiting room.

The things I dislike about the dentist office  waiting room:

1.  The decor is early '60s and not in a good way.  Think about it, the '60s were not known for stylish furnishings.  Still the chairs are sturdy although so uncomfortable.  The carpet is industrial grade.  The "art" is the kind of pictures you'd find in a discount store.  They are not hung on the wall in any kind of artsy way.

2.  Don't even think about finding a magazine to thumb through unless you are a fan of Hunter's Weekly, Field and Stream, or Louisiana Sportsman.  There might be a Good Housekeeping left over on the rack from a year ago.

3.  When I sat down today I could hear Shania Twain singing over the intercom.   Another blast from the past.

Patients come in but exit at another door.  It's a little like
"roaches check in but they don't check out".  

But the worst part is the waiting.  Wait, wait, wait.

Today I waited 30 minutes.  It's not always that long.  Sometimes it's longer, other times it's quicker.  But there's always a wait.

 The young woman that calls my name will always say, "I'm so sorry for your wait."
I will always reply, "Oh, that's alright."  What else could I say?  It's just one of those things.

The good news is that my dentist is a no pain operator.  I've gone to him for years and I have never felt a thing.  I've had a lot of dental work but it's been easy breezy.  Until it comes time to pay.

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