Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quick question

How long do you wait before replying to a friend's email?

Maybe I should ask it another one.

Do you reply to emails?   

Do you even check your email?

I guess if you are a blogger you designate computer time. 

How do you feel when you email a friend and then you hear crickets?

Oh sure, we are all busy.  Busy, busy, busy.  So I'm not suggesting you reply immediately.  But within a week...... is that unreasonable?  How quickly would you return a phone call?  I know we all screen calls nowadays.  With me it's so much easier to text.  I even text my hair dresser for appointments!

It's frustrating when you reach out to someone through a phone call, email or text and there is no response.  Are you really that busy? 


In other news, yesterday was a busy day.  I worked until noon, made several phone calls to schedule appointments, ran some errands (more about that later), picked up Dancer Girl at school and delivered her safely to our doorstep.  I then zipped up to the high school for I.T. girl's dual enrollment parent registration meeting with the principal and senior guidance counselor.  If things go well, she will graduate with 15 college credits.  Wow!  Amazing what you can do in high school.

I have to tell you about the errands.  I took several college dorm furniture items to Goodwill.  The men who helped me were so appreciative and even offered me a bottled water.  I was happy to get the futon and other things out of my garage!  It was a win for all of us.

Then I had to go to WalMart.  I have not been to WallyWorld for years.  YEARS!  But I.T.'s math teacher insisted that students have an ORANGE composition book.
It must be orange.  No other color will do.  I.T. girl had already checked around town.  No orange to be found.  So I offered to venture into the wild world of craziness.  Do you dread walking into that place?  Oh gosh I dreaded it.  I think it's the junki-ness of the store.  I guess it's hard to keep things orderly when you have so many shoppers in a day.  (still, Target manages)  I did not even know which way to turn when I entered. 

 In the end:  success. 

 I found 2 orange composition books.  Bought them both.  The lady at the checkout said, "Is this all?"  Yes, I'm only buying 2 small items.  I appreciate your concern and interest.

By the way, why do checkers ask you, "Did you find everything you need?"  
"Are you ready to check out?"
"Is this all?"

I mean if I wasn't ready to check out because I was still looking for something I needed then why in the world would I be standing in front of you with all my items piled on your conveyor belt?

After the long day of work I was happy to have accomplished so much.
 So I treated us all to Chick Fil A.

That is all.  Toodles


  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. How long for an email reply? I figure, if the US mail can reply faster, it's time for a reply. I find that if it's just 'fluffy' stuff, how are you, I get replies faster. If it's "work" related, how much, what do I do, where at, THAT is when I seem to have to repeat and repeat emails. A week should be long enough for almost ANY email, I feel...

    My 2 cents,