Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day Back At School

"Why are you so nervous?"  I asked myself as I drove to school.
This is crazy!

You are not the new girl.

You know where to go and what to expect.

You know everybody who will be in that room by their first name.  And the few new people will be thankful that you introduce yourself. 

You are dressed appropriately.

What is the big deal?

I get nervous like this every single year!  

And - just like all the other years - everything was fine.  There was no awkwardness.  Preschool Faculty Members always save seats for each other and sure enough, there was a seat saved for me.

I felt like I just left.  And, in fact, I HAD JUST LEFT!!

What do teachers do that first day back?

Well, there's the full faculty meeting.  Then there's the insurance provider/benefit meeting.  Then there's the grade level meetings.  Then there's the full faculty inservice/training session.


Division Meetings.  Intragrade meetings.  Bathroom Break.  (ha)
Planning Meetings.


Today I had unexpected inconvenience of a migraine.  I haven't had a migraine since the spring.  I had gone all summer without an episode.  I could tell it was coming on.  Fifteen of us went to lunch together.  It's a tiny restaurant, you could describe it more as a tea room.  We took up more than half the restaurant.  So it was cramped.  But that wasn't the trigger.

The window.  I'm usually very careful to NOT sit directly facing a window.  Today I was thoughtless.  I just sat the first place I saw next to my buddy Melissa.  The window did have a shade but that was part of the problem.  The shade was a roller type and made out of some kind of weave.  So the sun shining through made quite a glare that hit my eyeballs like a laser.  Stripes, zigzags, tiny dots, twinkle lights - I shy away from them.  They are migraine in a bottle!

I felt the tingling in my tongue
I felt my fingertips tingle.
I had the sparkly aura in my peripheral vision.
I tried to ignore it.

I changed seats with the teacher across from me so I wasn't facing the window any longer.  I guess it was too late.

The smell of food being delivered only intensified the pre-pain symptoms.

By the time we returned to school I wasn't sure I could make it the rest of the day.  I managed to remain upright and attentive during the meetings until 2:30.  That's when they brought out a surprise birthday cake for a surprised birthday girl. The cake looked beautiful and I'm sure it was tasty but I had to make a quick exit.  I didn't even tell anybody I was leaving.  There was no time for chit chat.

When I got home I texted the Headmaster.

I feel much better now.  I take Feverfew and I'm always surprised how quickly I get relief.  Why didn't I have one with me for emergencies?   I sure have 3 of them stashed away now.

Tomorrow we will get our class lists.  I'm excited to see who will be with me this year.  Even with the anxiety and the migraine, I'm happy to be back.

In other news:  Ironman called.  He is homesick
The Engineer Called:  Tomorrow is his last day of internship and he's excited about that.
I.T. Girl and I had a nice easy conversation about being a Christian in a group of friends who can't relate.
And Dancer Girl cleaned up the kitchen for me.  And got the mail.

Now if I could just find something interesting to watch on T.V. my day would be complete!

Tell me your migraine remedy.  I need all the advice you have to give.

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. I've been lucky to never experience a migraine, so I don't have any tips or remedies for you. I hope someone else can help.

    I used to teach college English and journalism. I remember those first days back--meetings, meetings, meetings! I know what you mean about the nervousness. I had it, too. :)

    I hope your second day back is great--and all the days after that as well!