Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How was today? H.O.T.

Whoa!  It is HOT outside.    I just have to say it again.  It is HOT!  And to make it even worse there isn't even a slight breeze.  Nothing is moving.  Just heat baking everything.

I cleaned today.  My back patio was dusty and grimy.  I swept and then scrubbed the pavers.  I just love shiny flooring.  I moved the dog's igloo back into the corner of the yard under several bushes.  He's been digging there anyway so I know he favors that cool spot.  He's always been a digger.  

I drove to Chick Fil-A and got in line at 12:15.  I got to the ordering board exactly one hour later and drove away with hot food at 1:39.   I did have a moment of wonder that there was no traffic guard helping the cars flow through the line.  Lines were forming from all four corners of the building.  I pulled into line and just stayed with it creeping closer and closer.  It is what it is.  

Speaking of traffic, I'm a "let-er inner".  I always pause and let a waiting car pull out in front of me.  Yes, always.  I am mindful that the other driver could be one of my own children who  is a nervous new driver.  Or maybe that little act of kindness will start a chain of thoughtfulness.  

Here's a classic story.  It doesn't really have anything to do about letting another driver into the line of traffic, but it is a driving story.

When The Engineer was a baby, he was a crier.  Oh was he ever.  That little tiny baby could cry and cry and cry and never seem to wear himself out.  One particular morning he was on a super crying binge.  I guess he was 3 or 4 months old.  Finally after hours and hours of fussiness and downright blood curdling screaming I decided we needed to go for a ride.  I was hoping we could drive around the city for a half hour and he'd fall asleep.  Hope. Hope.  Let me be sure you realize I had on a ratty t-shirt and probably yoga pants.  Hair was a mess, no makeup, probably no freshly brushed teeth.  My nerves were shot from the lack of sleep, the endless crying sounds and the overwhelming responsibility you feel with your first newborn.  

I buckle him in securely, check the gas gauge, and we're off.  I drive and drive.  After 10 minutes the crying is still going on.  So I open a baby bottle and in my olympic feat of contortionism I hold the bottle in the baby's mouth (who is in the back seat facing backwards, of course) while driving.  In traffic.  

Now in this city there's a traffic circle.  It's hard to navigate on a good day.  On a day when you are twisted sideways listening to a crying baby for hours on end, looking like a wild woman this circle is a nightmare.  I'm in the outside lane of the circle.  A white car behind me gets right on my bumper.  So I manage to change lanes.  The white car changes lanes.  Now I'm on the inside lane so I can't exit.  I have to go around again.  The white car follows even closer now.  I'm getting pretty angry.  Don't mess with me, white car.  THEN I hear honking.  IS THAT CAR HONKING AT ME?  ARE YOU KIDDING?  So I slow down.  Slow, slow, slow.  I'm going to force this idiot to go around me.  I'm stubborn too.  I'll slow down to 10 m.p.h. if you wanna play the game.   After a minute or so the car pulls up beside me and honks.  I look and before I could control myself I.............. not a proud moment..........but I displayed the one finger salute.  The one and only time I've ever done that.  And it was so easy.  Happened before I even knew............ like my hand was operating on it's own.  At the same second my eyes focused on the driver and passengers in that white car.  

My Brother In Law and 2 nephews........... and were they hooting and hollering about my "wave"  Oh my gosh they enjoyed that.  

It's been a classic story that I'm sure will be handed down.  I was embarrassed at first but now I can laugh at myself.  

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  1. I'm just hoping politics don't turn out eateries into red and blue choices.

    Free speech is for everyone. Good for you going.

    How hot is hot? It was so hot that hot water now comes out of both taps.