Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mind Your Manners, People

I started my day out grumpy.  Today is my last day of summer vacation and I am not happy about it.  Tomorrow I return to work.  I need some more rest.

To make matters worse, I had a very annoying day.  It seemed like I came into contact with an idiot everywhere I went!

8:00am I had a doctor's appointment.  I was there just as a followup.  I met a new nurse who checked me in.  After a short discussion (and to make a long story short) she tells me that her 9 year old daughter loves the smell of beer.  BEER!  Why does your  9 year old daughter have a beer?  I did not comment but believe me in my head I'm thinking "here's your sign,"

9:30am  I decide to treat myself to a professional carwash.  Oh how I enjoy a sparkling car with a full tank of gas.  Yes, that's the ticket.  I drop the car off at the vacuum station and walk inside to wait.  The waiting area has a television set on.  The View?  Can you maybe put on The Weather Channel?  or the Olympics for goodness sake?  The ladies of The View can be entertaining but sure enough, it wasn't long before the talk turns to raucous sex.  I was not in the mood to hear it.  So I stepped outside only to be bomblasted with bad language coming from the mouth of one of the guys drying my car.  He wasn't angry, he was kidding and talking about his *** and his ***.  I couldn't get away from the sound he was whooping it up.  There was one younger man standing there who saw me and had an embarrassed look on his face.  I didn't say anything but I did slip one of the dollar bills I had designated for his tip back into my purse.  Of course he'll never know since I chose to just get into my clean auto and leave.

10:15am  I walk into ULTA.  I don't shop there often.  Okay, I never shop there.  But I had a coupon for 50% off on one Philosophy Lotion Product.  Why not?  There is a salon in the back of the store.  (who knew?) and the lady having her hair treated was talking loudly about her love of the mommy porn book Fifty Shades of Gray.  She was giving details of the plot and some of the language and once again, I couldn't get away from her.  So I left.  I wonder if she knew the entire store could hear her.

10:29 am I walked into Marshalls.  This is one store you can visit a dozen times and not find anything appealing.  But then on visit #13 you get lucky and find just the right bowl or vase or clock.  That's most of the appeal to me.  I like to browse and look and take my time.  It was quiet and I needed the break from crazy people.

Leaving Marshalls I was almost run over by a black car.  People!  Slow down in parking lots.  And by the way, do you see that Yield sign?  That means pedestrians have the right of way.  I saw the car before I stepped out onto the pavement.  I swear he sped up.  Where are your manners?

2:00 PM Dancer Girl and I walk into Office Depot to pick up a few school supplies.  It was crowded with Moms and school children.  I wasn't looking, but I sure heard the loud SH** this and SH** that.  I turned and looked.  A woman younger than myself with very little clothes on riding in one of those motorized scooters did not know how to control it and had run into more than one Crayola Display.  A manager stepped over to assist her and he got an earful.  She was so proud of herself telling him what she thought of the markers and notebook paper being in her way.

By this time I had just about HAD IT.

Today I'm wearing these pants.

  They are very comfortable.  The best part beside the rocking color?  They go all the way up to my belly button.  I don't like low riders for obvious reasons but the biggest reason is that I sit on the floor ALL THE TIME in preschool and I don't have enough hands to always be hitchin up my britches.  Walking out of hteparking lot I actually hear a woman MY AGE say to her daughter "Man, those are some PINK PANTS!"  I turned around and just stared at her.  She pretended to look at something else.
sorry the copy/paste picture is blurry.  I just grabbed it off the website.  But you get the idea.  By the way, I bought them at J. Jill and right now they are on sale for $39.99  Several colors.  Just so you know.  Thanks. 

Was today the worst day I've ever had?  No.
Have I met rude people before?  Oh yes.

Remember the days when men cleaned up their language when a lady was around?
Ironman has a friend who actually STANDS UP when I come in the room.  Amazing.
You may say that's old fashioned but I like common courtesy.

Have Good Manners gone out of style?

On the way home I rocked out to K.C. and the Sunshine Band.  Dancer Girl and I stopped and bought Icees.

Tomorrow it's back to school day.


  1. I think good manners have gone out of style...

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you--even though it's back to work. *hugs*

    1. If you don't have manners, at least have a little common sense!! People are crazy. Hope things are well with you, Dana. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  2. It's amazing how you kept your cool throughout that day, some people are so very selfish. Hope all goes well on your first day back at work.

    1. Thanks, Sally. It was tough getting up this morning.