Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family and Money

Recently Ironman was given some money through an inheritance.  He calls it "our money".  But I feel better calling it "your money" since the relative he inherited it from could never quite get my name right.   I had met him many times but the family is quite large and honestly I think by the time I married into the family there were so many new people this particular uncle could not tell us apart.  He did love Ironman, though, and so when he died several years ago it was bittersweet.  You  know those times when someone is quite old (pushing 100) has lived a full life but has been suffering with bad health for years.  So when the time comes you are peaceful with the knowledge that they are no longer suffering but you feel sad for yourself having to continue on without that soft place to fall.

We found out that he had left Ironman and other family members some money.  It's enough money for us to replenish our college fund that has taken a hit paying for The Engineer's education, to add a substantial amount to our retirement and maybe take a trip.

Until just a few weeks ago, Ironman and I had not been on a trip alone for years.  YEARS I say.  We had a few days alone in Nashville.  What an easy, relaxing, sweet, fun trip we had.  I had forgotten what it was like for it to be just us.  We are always falling over ourselves to make sure the children are comfortable, fed and  enjoying the day.  That can be exhausting!  In fact, we are exhausted!

This morning he asked me where I'd like to go.  We have no plans to go anytime soon since school starts in three whole days!  Here are the two places I'd like to visit.

1.  I'd love to visit Chincoteaugue when they bring in the wild ponies.  Oh, Misty of Chincoteague how I still love you.

2.  Portland.  Don't ask me why.  Probably the weather and the adventure and the sightseeing.  I've heard there is the world's largest bookstore in Portland.  I need to google that.  I'd like to fly into Portland, rent a car and drive around and around.

Years ago Ironman and I flew to Boston, rented a car and road trip through the Northeast.  We visited Kennebunkport, Plymouth Rock, Martha's Vineyard............  all that before we had children.  By the way on that trip everywhere we went there would be at least one person who would comment on my accent.  Accent?  What accent??  I don't have an accent.  :)

Today Ironman left for a week.  When he gets back we are going to get serious about time alone.
Is it bad to be looking forward to an empty nest?  I've got years until that happens but I'm not dreading it.  We have reared these children to make wise decision.  Provided them with everything they need to set out on their own into the big, beautiful world.

One day when our last one flies the next I will turn to Ironman and say,


Happy Sunday

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