Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gratitude Journal

A teacher with whom I work every day has a birthday tomorrow.  I was stopped several times today and the question was some form of, "What can I get Susan?"

I know Susan well.

She'll be sweet and lovely toward any gift given.

Candles, lotion, baked goods and stationary.  

But I wanted to give her something simple yet meaningful.  So I bought her a journal and a pen that is just a little special treat.

Susan goes 90 miles an hour 24 hours a day.  

Her mind is thinking of a zillion things at once. 

She has a dozen projects and ideas going at the same time.

Yet she gets nothing done.  

This year I'm going to start a gratitude journal.   I want her to slow down and appreciate those little things in life.

So we're going to do it together

 (She doesn't know that yet, but we are!)

I also got her an extra large bag of M&Ms.  

My migraine was manageable today.  I made sure I did not sit in a meeting facing a window or small stripes or chevron designs.  Several ladies and I were discussing our migraine struggles.  Two of them mentioned that they take zyrtec daily even though they do not suffer from allergies.  Their doctors told them it's been found that something in zyrtec helps the blood vessels in your head remain open and not constrict.  Interesting.  

Ironman is working.  The Engineer had a presentation today in front of Halliburton executives.  He called relieved that it was over and proud that it went well.  I.T. girl has a hair appointment tomorrow so I reminded her she needs to BE THERE at 2pm.  Which will require her to get out of bed BEFORE 2pm.  Dancer Girl has decided she's going to get up for school an hour earlier than usual every day to curl her hair.  Hmmmmm  Wanna start a betting pool on this one???



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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. :)

    The gratitude journal is a great idea! I bet she'll love it!