Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Today it was hot.  I realize it's summer and all but holy macaroni it was hot.  I ran to the grocery story about 2:15 and the radiant heat from the cement parking lot was sizzling.  Yes, I thought about frying an egg out there.

Have I tell you about the time I had a small magnifying glass in my science center at school?  The science area was near a large window as we had things growing there.  And sure enough, it was so warm outside and the sun so bright and the magnifying glass was tilted just so............ something was smoking!  That has never happened to me before.  The magnification of the sunshine coming through the window, through the small (and I mean small) magnifying glass was warm enough to make the wax paper under a nearby plant SMOKE!

I got off the subject.  Where was I.

Oh, the heat.  BTW, are television weather men outdated?  I mean tonight I watched as our local guy struggled to fill 8 minutes on live TV.  How many times can you say "It was hot today"?

This morning the girls and I were on time to Vacation Bible School.  It was a good day.  The little girl who gave me a run for my money yesterday was settled down today.  She seemed more interested and plugged in.

I wasn't as tired when I got home.  Which is good as I had a lot to do.

Yesterday I was still recouping from my weekend in Dallas.  Speaking of that I must tell you about the RUDE Embassy Suite check in girl.

First of all, I do not enjoy being spoken to LOUDLY.  If you are at a ballgame, go ahead and yell.  But if I am standing 12 inches from you, no need to speak loudly.  I can hear.  Thank you.  I.T. girl and I arrived at the Embassy Suites Grapevine, TX a little after 7pm  We checked in with no problems and walked into our room.  WHOA!  We opened the door and the cigarette smell from the room just about knocked us down.  There was no way we could stay in that room.  I imagined my hair smelling that way.  My clothes, my shoes, my TOOTHBRUSH.  Ugh.  No.

We walked back downstairs to the front desk and asked for a new non-smoking room. This time it was a different check in girl.  Little Miss Sunshine.  

Me:  "We'd like to be moved to a different room as we prefer nonsmoking.   Here is the room key for the room we just entered."

Miss Sunshine:  "That room is a nonsmoking room."

Me:  "I'm sure it's smoking.  The odor knocked us down!"

Miss Sunshine:  (staring at her computer screen)  "Your reservation requested a smoking room."  With this she pushed the keyboard back away from her fingers as if to indicate there was nothing she could do.  She just stared at me

Me:  "I did not request a smoking room as I do not smoke.  There may have been a mixup in the reservation - technology and all.  Either way, we'd like to move rooms."
(I'm standing my ground but still trying to be polite)

Miss Sunshine:  "Well, I don't know what I can do"

Me:  "You have nothing available for tonight?"

Miss Sunshine:  "Let me check.......okay.  But the new room will be on the 4th floor"

Me:  "That's fine"

So she begins to type and type and type.  Then she looks at my daughter and says (in that loud annoying irritating tone of voice) "What high school do you go to?"

Daughter:  "I'm not from Texas"

Now I realize that didn't answer the question asked, but I think she was caught off guard .  Maybe  she misunderstood........or didn't know exactly where this question came from and where it was going.  Either way, no need to get nasty.

And nasty she got.

"I know you're not from Texas.  I can see your home address. What high school do you go to?"

Gosh I wanted to push her.  I just didn't get the attitude.

Daughter:  "Magnet"

Now, "Magnet" is the name of I.T. girl's high school.  It has a long drawn out name, but everyone around here simply calls it "Magnet"

Miss Sunshine:  staring at us with that smugness I'd come to hate in the 3 minutes I'd been standing there.   "Magnet........ you mean Southlake?"

Daughter:  No, Magnet.  C.... P....Magnet.. High School

Miss Sunshine:  "I've never heard of it"

And with that my conversation with this woman was over.  I was D.O.N.E.

She dropped my new keys on the desk.  I picked them up.  I walked away.  As I looked down I saw that she had written her name on the little envelope they give you at check in.  Oh Marla.  I'm so glad you did that.  Now when I complain I can use your correct name.


  1. Wow, talk about rude! I admire that you were able to keep your cool. I don't think I could have.

    1. I was one rude comment away from kicking her!

  2. My first thought when reading your story was, what high school is none of Marla's business! I'm with Dana, good job on staying calm.

    1. I honestly don't know how I managed. I think I was in shock!