Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Catch Up

Where do I begin?

This year I turned 51.  Officially, middle age.  (Yes, I plan on living until I"m 102 so I'm middle aged)

Crazy things happen OVER NIGHT when you join the 50+ crowd.

The gray hair?  Okay, who painted my roots that color.
The poor eyesight?  I could see the TV yesterday.
The forgetfulness?  What was I going to say?

The world has been swirling around me and I feel as if I'm raking leaves on a windy day.

After our "vacation" to Walt Disney World   I needed a vacation from my vacation.  But there was no time for rest.  Ironman and I.T. girl had another big trip planned and they were leaving on Friday.  FRIDAY! For some reason I thought they weren't leaving until Monday which means I would have the entire weekend to get ready.

Get our your June calendar or you'll be as confused as I.  We returned home from our vacation on Tuesday, Wednesday Ironman worked out of town, Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, and Friday part of my family was flying United.  Needed to arrive at the airport by 5:00am.

Wednesday was spend unpacking and then repacking.  Making copies of documents, errands, picking up our doggie from the veterinarian and shopping for groceries.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment.  Is there anything worse than the anxiety you feel before your appointment with the gyno?  Let me answer that:  NO!  First, Ironman and I have new health insurance.  That always throws the ladies in the front office for a loop.  Then there are the conversations you can't help but overhear in the waiting room.  Some of them funny, some of them serious but all of them not meant for my ears.  So shhhhh.  The guessing of who they will call next begins.  Finally my name is called.  The usual routine stuff - you know what I mean.  Everything was fine.  I always tell myself, "See?  Nothing to it."

Then it was time for the mammo.  Now, I hear women on television or even in real life talk about their fear of this x-ray.  And I understand the anxiety, but being so fearful that you don't go?  It's only an x-ray.  Don't skip it.  Never.  Never, ever.  If you need me to go with you, call.

All in all the visit was routine and (now that it's over with for another year I can say this) pleasant.  Not as pleasant as a cheeseburger with fries, but I made it.

The one part of the exam that causes the most anxiety is the blood pressure measurement.  I have been hovering between "elevated" and "hypertensive" for a couple of years.  Last year it was elevated.  I went to my family doctor in February and it was "elevated".  I've been measuring it at home .   Yes it's been elevated.  I have an emotional block when it comes to this particular condition because............ should I tell?  Let's just say high blood pressure reminds me of Cruella and I've worked for so many years to separate from her.  This gives me something in common and that's where the emotional side comes into play.  At this visit, however, my blood pressure was dangerously high.  I don't remember exactly - blocked it, I guess - but something like 188/117.  I KNOW!!!  It was so high that the nurse said she would come back and take it after I saw the doctor.   Final reading:  150/110.    *That may not be exact.  Close enough.

Which brings me to the next day - Friday.  I got up at 4:30am, drove Ironman and I.T. girl to the airport.  They will be gone for a week.  By 8:30am I was in my family doctor's office.  I couldn't believe I was seeing a doctor again.  AGAIN! The nurse that checked me in was a joy.  I showed her an app I have on my phone for keeping track of cycles and she was amazed.  Then she showed me an app she has on her phone for keeping track of blood pressure.  We hit it off immediately like long time friends.    Long story short, the doctor gave me a very low dose medication and I have to go back in 6 weeks.  He did tell me if I'd lose 5 pounds it would make a difference in the bp.  Maybe a big enough difference that I wouldn't need the medicine. Hello celery and carrots!  That was good news.  The other good news is that he recommended a different kind of test for............... should I say? Well, if you're 50 you already know.  Colonoscopy.  There, I said it.  I am low risk.  I'll leave it at that.  You are welcome.

Speaking of being 50, guess what else happened?  I broke a tooth.  I am not pulling your leg.  Broke a stinkin' tooth.  I have a routine dental appointment in a week so I'm just going to wait until then.  It doesn't hurt.  I can make it.

There.  I think I'm caught up.  That wasn't too bad.  Talk to you again tomorrow.


  1. Oh, my, the adventures continue. How does life get so crazy?

    I'm heading toward 46 this August, so I'm hot on your heels. I hope your blood pressure cooperates!

    1. I thought when my children were older things would slow down. WRONG-O

  2. too funny...and so true! The falling apart begins at 50. Just so you know, the colonoscopy is a breeze. They give you a wonderful sedative and you don't feel/remember a thing. Mammos, I could do without, but I'd rather know than not know. Welcome to middle age!

    1. Do you promise the colonoscopy is a breeze? Will you go with me? Do they sell the sedative over the counter? I need a good nap

  3. My blood pressure goes through the rough when I'm at my obgyn. Then I promise my doctor it is really only at her office that it's that high!

    1. Michelle - I can so relate to your strategy.