Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shopping With A 13 Year Old Or Now I Feel Old

I spent the most of the day shopping with my youngest daughter.  She is 13.  I am older than that.  Here's how I know:

1.  The only young stars I "know" are Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.  I do not know R. Kelly or Josh Hutchison or One Direction.  I do know now most of the celebrity names that came out of her mouth.

2.  Do you know what "G6" means?  It means SUPER FINE.  I told her that's what we said back in the day.  SUPER FINE.  She just stared at me.  "You mean G6?"  Oh yes, that's what I mean.

3.  Looking at a menu, I look at the salad and soup section first.

4.  I watch the news off and on during the day.  Maybe some 13 year olds do that.  But I know when my daughter has the clicker she does not watch a little Wolf Blitzer.

5.  Shoes.  Let's talk shoes.  Back in the day I could wear any style, any height, any anything.  Target shoes.  9West's Shoes.  But now I have to pay a little more for comfort.  The cutesy shoes my daughter eyed brought back memories of how I used to be a carefree shoes wearer.  Not anymore.  Sad.

6.  While we were in a major department store, I told her I wanted to go upstairs and look at the bedding and housewares.  (After we had shopped in Juniors)  She didn't complain but I had to laugh at myself.  What 13 year old wants to look at sheets and towels?  On the other hand, this Mom was looking forward to it.  **by the way, sheets not on sale?  $$$$

We had a good morning.  Dancer GIrl picked out shorts (they were on sale) and the cutest dress.  We had lunch.  We talked and shopped and stayed within my budget.


I don't put photos of my children on this blog.  But today I'm going to make an exception.  Ironman and I.T. girl are on a trip together this week.  (they will be home Friday THANK GOODNESS)  They are working at a camp in Guatamala and yesterday I got this photo in my email box.

Hugs and Kisses.  Talk again tomorrow.

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  1. I only know One Direction because my daughter is mad about them! And much to my son's disgust, he found me listening to them without my daughter. Their songs were stuck in my brain, so I figured I might as well hear the right words!