Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday About Town

I have an announcement:  I left my house today.

Thank you, thank you.  It was a huge accomplishment as I've been a sloth for the last couple several days.

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  But enough of me talking, let me show you why I had no choice.

Do you see it?  The roots, the gray, the split ends, the heavy weight of hair that has grown too long?  It was a hair emergency.

E.T.  Phone Home........

Wow.  Like magic, the ugly hair is gone.  Thanks K.  You are a magician.

After my hair appointment I had a couple of errands.  First Stop:  Kroger

mmmmmm fresh cucumbers from the garden.

and tomatoes.  Nothing like a home grown tomato.  I was getting hungry for fresh vege...... hold it folks.  Did you see what I saw?



Let me get out my driver's license.  Oh yes, I DO live in Louisiana.  Do we grow anything here?  Hey Arkansas and Texas - send our vegetables back.

After Kroger I realized I was driving on fumes.  Gosh, my least favorite thing - pumping gas.  Which brings me to my Tuesday rant.  Gas Pump Etiquette.  People!  Listen!  Pull through to the last available pump.  Don't stop at the first one blocking others behind you.  Why would you do that?  KEEP GOING.  This is not a wedding.  (I once heard an etiquette expert say that when attending a wedding it is impolite to ask someone with an aisle seat to scoot down.  You should climb over them)  Well you can't climb over a car at the gas pump.  It was like the going on a Bear Hunt - Can't go over it, can't go under it, can't go around it............. so you gotta sit and wait.  Lady who was in front of me?  Why'd you do that?  You saw me.

Also, another bad move at the gas station done mostly by men.  They will park their car by the pump and go INSIDE thereby blocking the gas pump, taking more than allotted time to buy gum and a Dr Pepper.  Then they return the car totally oblivious to the line waiting for them to GET ON WITH IT.  Have you noticed men will do that in the grocery store, too?  They have a buggy but they'll park it at the end of the aisle as they juggle everything they need.

Don't get me started.

With my trunk full of groceries and my tank full of gas I headed home.  What did I see in the kitchen?

Home Made Cinnamon Rolls.  
Thank you youngest daughter.

I took a taste and they were soft, gooey, light and flakey, perfect.  And smelled even better.

Tomorrow my daughter and I are going shopping for her birthday.  She wants clothes, shoes and a camera.  It'll be fun.

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  1. My daughter has recently discovered a passion for home made cinnamon rolls. I am truly impressed by her mad baking skills!